Which CPU?

  melta 21:24 26 Aug 2006

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to buy a new Alienware PC for some serious gaming, budgeted at around £2500, and was just wondering whether the general consensus is toward AMD or Intel at the mo...
The two CPU's I'm choosing between are the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz 4MB Cache 1066MHz FSB and the AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5000+ Processor w/ HyperTransport and Dual Core Technology at 2.4GHz

To be honest I can't see much between them. Any preferences out there? of course i could go a bit crazier and get the 2.66GHz Intel Duo for a bit more dosh, the next AMD being 2.8 but stupidly pricey...

  ade.h 21:47 26 Aug 2006

Easy. Core 2.

  melta 21:56 26 Aug 2006

well that was relatively easy... i just wondered at why the AMD were comparitively more expensive than the Intel counterparts... oh well...

Now for the GPU(s) do we reckon its an SLI jobby with dual Geforce 7900GT 256Mb or for less money the Geforce 7950GX2 1024Mb (which i supposed i could dual up later when the drivers become available....)

I'm just wondering how much is neccessary here...

decided to go for the 2.66 Intel Duo if anyone cares... wid bout 2 gig o' RAM

  ade.h 22:15 26 Aug 2006

GPUs are definitely not an area in which I have any knowledge (I'm not a gamer)!

  sean-278262 01:14 27 Aug 2006

The GX2's as far as I know take up two spaces per card. However I would go for one of those as they would prove much faster than the other setup but if the mobo wont support 2 of them in the future it would be something to maybe relook at. Can you link us to the overall specs. If your planning to spend as much as you are maybe a self build would be best as you get all the parts you could want. You also seem pretty tech minded so troubleshooting may likely not be an issue.

  melta 10:33 27 Aug 2006

a thorough search of Nvidias website has revealed that the the GX2 goes into only one PCI port, however the single card contains 2 512mb processors. making it the most powerful single card out there. This still however is not quite as powerful as 2 7900GTX's (512mb each) working in SLI due to the clocking speeds.

But wait there's more... 2 7950GXs can be SLI linked to provide 4(!) GPU's at total of 2Gig... which is just silly. hence its only available from select system builders at the mo... (check out Alienware's ALX for an example). Quad SLIing will however be available to all you DIYers sometime in the future however, if you've got the dosh...

I personally think I'm guna just go for the one at the moment and wait for the price to drop a bit...

  vinnyT 13:47 27 Aug 2006

Realise you've closed the threab, but you may like to take a look here click here.

The reviewer uses 2 eVGA e-GeForce 7950 GX2 Black Pearl for a Quad SLI rig (using drivers available now). Basically, he liked it:-)

  melta 14:01 27 Aug 2006

i stand corrected, from what i can make out Quad is fully possible, it's just that NVidia aren't endorsing the DIY aspect of it yet. Let the Quad SLI commence... when i have money...

Eyes shall melt in their sockets....

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