Which Cpu?

  prodway 18:57 18 Sep 2005

Which Cpu Should i go for,My previous was a barton 3200 athlon,Im looking to spend around £100.I see the athlon 64 3200 is quite resonable,would this be a better performer than my previous cpu?

Cheers Paul.

  bremner 19:23 18 Sep 2005

Yes - but you do realise it will not go in your existing motherboard

  bremner 19:24 18 Sep 2005

Sorry that should say

.......It will probably not go in your existing motherboard - what is the mobo

  prodway 20:01 18 Sep 2005

Im Getting A new mboard aswell.Will This Be An upgrade then do you think?

  bremner 20:07 18 Sep 2005

It will be an upgrade - but whether you will notice any improvement is debatable.

The benefits of 64 bit processing will only really be apparent when coupled with 64 bit O/S and applications written for such a system.

If you don't have to upgrade now then waiting another 9 -12 months for the release of Windows Vista may be better.

It is only then that all the pieces of the jigsaw are likely to be in place.

  prodway 20:23 18 Sep 2005

Or Would i be better of getting a p4 3000?
Thanks again,Paul.

  bremner 20:28 18 Sep 2005

64 bit processing IS the future so to my mind changing at this time to non 64 bit is a waste of money - but that is only my opinion.

  [email protected] 20:50 18 Sep 2005

To be honest, I very much doubt you would notice any performance difference between the XP and 64 models unless you used a benchmark system (well certainly not £160 worth of difference). Similarly if you changed to a P4 3GHz.

When you do upgrade, I think you should go 64 bit but I would follow Bremmer's advice and hang fire for a short while yet.

Thats just my personal thoughts anyway...

  Diodorus Siculus 21:06 18 Sep 2005

I'd second [email protected]; can't see that you will benefit to any noticeable degree.

  Aspman 13:53 19 Sep 2005

Change of CPU at those levels would be a waste of money.

A rule of thumb I read many moons ago was - don't bother to upgrade until the new processor is 3x more powerful as the old.

The old Hz rating isn't much use anymore but some online reviews should give you a comparison.

We're at the swiching point rights now with 64 bit computing about to start properly, new gfx standards, new memory types to go with new multicore processors.

If you've got £100 to spare put it away and keep saving for when all of this new kit comes to the high street.

  Totally-braindead 18:46 19 Sep 2005

Have to agree with the others here, I too don't think you will see any difference in performance. I've got a Athlon 2500 which is quite a bit below what you have already and to be honest I doubt I would see the benefit if I upgraded. Bear in mind the longer you wait the faster processor you will get for your money as when new ones come out the old ones drop in price. Personally I'd wait maybe 6 months or so and see what the prices are then, you would either be able to get the setup you describe now for a lot less or get a much faster system for the same money.

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