Which Computer supplier should i choose?

  Pauliboy 09:13 08 Feb 2006

My 3 year old Dell Dimension 4550 (purchased Jan 03)has recently died Dell's tech support tell me it is most likely a motherboard failure. Dell parts dept say they no longer stock this motherboard which i find incredible and it really should be illegal. So now i am now have to buy a new PC. I have read reviews of various manufacturers and tempered with my own experiences (DELL, PC WORLD etc) i am in between a rock and a hard place. I dont want to buy another Dell for obvious reasons, I like the spec of a MESH PC but the reviews are dreadfull and there are various other manufacturers i have seen making decent specs (Evesham, Cube 247, pcnextday) but they all fare badly in customer reviews. Can anyone give me some advice?

  rmcqua 09:23 08 Feb 2006

You could try this company
click here
They have been in the component/peripheral supply business for many years, have a good reputation and I would trust them to put quality components into their machines.
Not sure why you think it should be illegal not to supply a spare component for something 3 years old, in such a rapidly changing technological area!

  Stuartli 09:54 08 Feb 2006

On what basis?

Motherboards don't fail all that often and manufacturers don't want to be lumbered with money tied up in massive levels of parts stocks, whatever components are involved...:-)

I'm sure that if you scour e-Bay you'll find the same mobo at a reasonable price.

  Stuartli 09:55 08 Feb 2006

For the comparative few who have trouble with Mesh, Evesham etc there are many, many thousands of perfectly satisfied customers.

I'm one of the Mesh supporters.

  kev d 10:42 08 Feb 2006

I have a Dell laptop and MESH PC. Both work well and I have had no need to contact either company for support. Despite the bad experiences (MESH especially) posted to this forum I would hazard a guess that my experience respresents the vast majority of Dell and MESH users.

  961 10:50 08 Feb 2006

Novatech supply good stuff and have good after sales service record with me

Why not write to Dell and ask for a special price for a replacement? They make good computers despite a motherboard failure in this instance

PCWorld sell good computers and the mail order factor and cost is eliminated. Pick it, shove it in the car and take it home. If it don't work on switch on, take it back for a same day replacement. HP and Advent are two basic makes which are not expensive and are generally reliable

  spuds 13:00 08 Feb 2006

One question that I would ask Dell. If the computer was purchased with a three year warranty,what would they have done, if they had no replacement motherboards!.

Under UK consumer law, there is something about making claims up to six years for certain items, that would be deemed to have a good 'shelf life'. Doe's motherboards come in the category!.

Going back to the original question, Dell have served you well for three years (and perhaps more), the range of other manufacturers are a unknown source to you at present. All manufacturers have their good and bad machines, so eventually the choice would be based on your own specifications and available funds.

  Dellman 14:31 08 Feb 2006

I bought 2 PC's from MESH 18 months ago.....they're both still going strong!!

  Europa 22:13 12 Feb 2006

Kustompcs : click here
Quality built PCs, excellent customer service, tell them what you want your PC to do and the price you want to pay, they will come up with a PC that suits you.

  doc999 15:07 13 Feb 2006

That’s the big question that none of us can answer 100%. On this forum a lot has been posted about Mesh, poor service, builds and support, But others find they provide a good service?

Dell seems to offer good PC’s but the build can sometimes lack parts or hardware you would expect for the price. Rock Direct seem to build great PC’s at a good price, but they are mail order only. Acer & Gateway sell through high street shops now.

PC World seem to have got their act together and are now offering reasonably priced computers. Or there are hundreds of little independent makers out there who offer good value. Or build your own?

Some may not agree with my views, but then that’s the good thing about a forum like this, you get views of a wide range of consumers all with different views on the subject.

  Totally-braindead 15:21 13 Feb 2006

doc999 makes a lot of sense, the trouble with a Forum like this is you mainly see the bad points, a person who has had poor service or trouble with a particular make of PC.
You haven't said what you use your PC for or even if you propose trying to use bits off your old PC so its very differcult to advise on anything. Dell do some very good deals but I can appreciate you're not too keen on them. Novatech PCs are good depending on what you want.

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