Which Combined Printer?

  Murielson 1 20:05 01 Jan 2008

Seems to be many offers on at the moment for combined printer/scanner/copier and wondered if anyone could recommend the best deal maybe based on research they have carried out.

Realise there are a lot of things to take into consideration but if anyone has bought one in the sales, I am interested in the why's and how much etc if you would care to share. Thanks in advance for any responses.

  Clapton is God 20:23 01 Jan 2008

And your budget is??

  Murielson 1 10:25 02 Jan 2008

Haven't set a budget as yet as was hoping to see what was around and opinions regarding best value for money whether low, medium or high price.

  silverous 11:48 02 Jan 2008

Do you want fax included? Do you care about features such as CD/DVD printing?

I got a great deal last year on a HP C6180 for just over a hundred quid (I think RRP was more like 200 at the time if I recall correctly) and it has been faultless as a scanner, fax, colour printer, it really is very good. Equally you could probably get something similar feature-wise but perhaps less 'robust' for £60-100. Tell us what's important to you.

I tend to trust the Pc Pro A-List as a starting point, sometimes they have "Labs" that cover such things also.

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All depends on what features you require and how much you want to spend.

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