Which Car Sat. Nav System?

  morgi3 12:48 23 Jun 2006

Hi guys,

I'm looking to purchase a Sat. Nav. system for my Dad to use (between a number of cars). I've looked at various Garmin, NavMan and TomTom's, but would appreciate any input. My basic spec. stands at:

1.) Must be portable - easy to transfer between cars.
2.) Includes European Motorways
3.) Includes European towns/cities
4.) A fair size display - small isn't necessarily best.
5.) Can detect speed cameras
6.) Costs around £300 - I am willing to look a little either side for something that meets the spec.
7.) Easy to update software when needed.

Being able to play MP3's, or having Bluetooth capabilities would be an added bonus, but I realise these will affect price.

Also, is anyone to advise of systems that will be compatible with Microsoft Autoroute? Are most, except for TomToms?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  spuds 12:56 23 Jun 2006

I raised a similar question recently, but had limited response. Having contacted Navman technical support, I wasn't to impressed. Garmin would seem the 'betta-buy'.

  morgi3 14:35 23 Jun 2006

Thanks for the quick reply Spuds. Do you have a Garmin now, or plan to buy? Which model? Thanks.

Anyone else have thoughts/recommendations?

  Ivor_Monkey 16:43 23 Jun 2006

Reviews in PC pro this month. (whoops). Fujitsu looks good.

  Gazzerr 17:11 23 Jun 2006

Was that the new Fujitsu T830 phone/GPS that was reviewed?

  Dizzy Bob 17:39 23 Jun 2006

Tomtom 510 ticks all of the boxes you mentioned except price. *Most* places have it at £349.

*Note regarding detecting speed cameras. Almost all GPS units do not detect speed ca,eras, they have the locations plotted on the map, therefore it is worth keeping up to date with them.

click here

Tomtom 510

Widescreen display
Bluetooth functionality
Major European routes
Portable with rechargeable battery

(and really easy to use!!)



  bobbybowls 18:36 23 Jun 2006

try this click here

  morgi3 19:21 23 Jun 2006

Thanks for the replies guys.

Ivor_Monkey - Thanks, will try and get a copy of the magazine. Was it a phone though???

Dizzy Bob - Firstly sorry for my wording on the speed camera "detection" and thanks for clearing that up. The TomTom looks good - it wouldn't work with MS MapPoint though right, just their own software?

I'm slightly confused by the Halford's website on this one thought as it says it does European Major Roads but NOT European Street Mapping. Have they got this wrong? I would really want both. click here=

bobbybowls - Thanks, looks like a versatile setup, but that is a little more than I'd be looking to pay.

  Dizzy Bob 22:23 23 Jun 2006

The tomtom 510 has "major european routes" - basically, motorways, 'A' roads and *most* 'B' roads (or equivalent). The tomtom 910 has full street mapping (and North American / Canadian maps)- but is around £479

The 510 should be fine unles you need mega detail in the street maps.


  Ikelos 11:07 24 Jun 2006

TomTom here as well, easy to use never had one single problem in over two years..and it is used every day...

  puma22 13:18 24 Jun 2006

Hi, i use a pda with tom-tom 5. Works great. For the speed camera alerts this is excellent and a lot cheaper than tom-tom click here

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