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  It's Me 20:02 14 Mar 2005

I've been a keen photographer since my teenage, and use an Olympus SLR Om2 film camera. I say use, but I recently have found the use of film to be a hassle, and the results not too good, which could be due to many factors. My wife has a camcorder which can, and does take stills that are saved to a memory stick which have done for a while, although it is useless for one of my interests, that of taking church interiors in available light! Having now seen the results of printing off some shots taken by a half decent digital camera by someone else I now know how bad our photos are in print quality.

So the time has come to perhaps invest. We need a camera that will be controllable enough to satisfy me, in churches and landscapes, and which can be point and shoot otherwise she who must be obeyed won't touch it! A modest telephoto with a wide angle (28mm)and a decent lens speed and quality. Also it must be easy to carry, ie. not an SLR or one that tries to look like one if possible.
Price, anything although the price of the SLRs is too much for me to want to pay.

  Happy Soul 23:52 14 Mar 2005

click here for all the info you'll need.

  Starfox 23:59 14 Mar 2005

Or how about click here

click here

  anchor 10:03 15 Mar 2005

I suggest the Canon S70, 7.1 Mpixel.

click here

This will give you all you need, and the larger image will enable you to crop and still retain quality.

£327 at Cameras2U (Jessops may price match).

click here

  It's Me 16:08 15 Mar 2005

The S70 looks v. interesting.

Any comment on the Olympus C5060 which I've just been reading about?

  anchor 17:10 15 Mar 2005

The Olympus sounds a very good camera:

click here

Having looked carefully at the identical sample pictures of both, I can see a difference in the fine detail resolved. The extra pixels certainly give the Canon the edge.

Canon EOS 20D DSLR for the excellent ISO performance and a wide aperture prime or fisheye lens. That should suit you for the indoor available light shots.

Check out the new Rebel XT (350D), released in the UK today or in the next few days and significantly cheaper than the 20D but with many of the features.

  GibsonSt19 12:52 17 Mar 2005

I can highly recommend the Nikon D70. It's a beautiful price of kit, but has a price tag to match.

  anchor 15:39 17 Mar 2005

silasgreenback & GibsonSt19

There is not doubt that the Canon and the Nikon models quoted are excellent cameras.

However, "It`s Me" has stated he wants something easy to carry & is "not an SLR, or one that tries to look like one". The models mentioned by you look just like a SLR.

That`s why I suggested the Canon S70; quality in a compact form. It`s lens has the 35mm film equivalent of 28-100 mm, which fits his/her requirements, (modest telephoto with a 28mm wide angle). Maximum aperture is f2.8 at wide angle. All that at a fair price.

I have an earlier, similar Canon model, (5Mp), and can vouch for the quality.

  Diemmess 16:05 17 Mar 2005

..... for a couple of years now. I think 5060 is an upgraded version..

Fine camera, totally reliable and excellent optics.
Feels very good in the hand.

Main snag (for me) is the short delay between finger pressure and the shot.

My fault again - is my seeming inability to flick through the huge stacked menus of things to do.... if I have time to plan, all is well but even the "standard settings" are better than my abilities in a rush!

I would think that you had only one choice and that's the Nikon 8400.

High quality chassis, enough megapixels, not small but certainly much more portable than even a samll dslr.

But ...

It has the outstanding advantage of having a 24mm lens and a threaded filter mount. Remember that a 24mm is a different beast to a 28mm lens. Take some time and learn to contol the perspective. With a polariser you'll get wild dramatic skies, yet by keeping the interest in the centre of the frame it can look like a standard 50 mm lens. Put it on a tripod with a spirit bubble in the hot shoe contact and away you go.

Flip out twist and turn monitor will enable snaps of interior ceiling details to be taken with out neck strain.

Cheapest:price Ebuyer.
Review : Jan. What Digital Camera
Suggest : Buying one of those £7 cheap as chips tripods from Ebuyer.

Nuff said.

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