Which Broadband - Tiscali or Virgin?

  palinka 21:07 10 Aug 2005

A friend who is paying £14.99 for a dial-up 24/7 connection wants to move to broadband.
He is not happy with his present ISP and doesn't want to pay more than he currently pays. he doesn't download very much, so capping is not an issue.
I've investigated on his behalf and found Tiscali and Virgin both seem to offer what he needs at £14.99. Before I point him towards one or the other has anyone any plus or minus points about either of these as broadband suppliers?

I use Pipex, and am very happy with that for Broadband, but it is beyond what he wants to pay.

  Stuartli 22:48 10 Aug 2005

Tiscali is currently offering 2MB (2GB usage a month) for £15.99 to new and existing customers, including those who signed up for the 1MB service at the same price.

Virgin rebrands an ISP's products under its own name IIRC but I can't remember which one.

  Stuartli 22:53 10 Aug 2005

I upgraded on Monday and the news that "2MB will be available within 48 hours" turned out to be half that time.

  palinka 11:25 11 Aug 2005

thank you all.

  phoenix4 14:28 11 Aug 2005

virgin without doubt,
MONTHLY acc not yearly, and you can swap plans 4 free each month.
I've been with them for years.

They use ntl broadband, mine is.

  ade.h 18:58 11 Aug 2005

There are cheaper (and better) services around - check the ADSL Guide click here. This month's Which? report on ADSL ISP customer satisfaction is very enlightening - check your local library or register with their website click here.
Phoenix is right to prefer the flexibility of a monthly contract.

  spuds 19:18 11 Aug 2005

I would consider Tiscali as a very good provider, but I wish they would stop making these changes in their package offers nearly every other week.

Was on 3x then 5x then 1Mb now 2Mb at £17.99 per month, and then a week later after signing up the price was reduced to £15.99. But I am happy as it gave me a bigger Gb allowance.

Stuartli- Have you checked the speed for your new connection. BT and Tiscali state that I have a 2Mb connection, yet doing various speed-checks, I seem well below this thoughout the day and night.

  Stuartli 20:36 11 Aug 2005

Speeds as promised according to both Manx.net and the ADSL website.

I switched from DayTime Plus to the 1MB service in April and was getting up to 2.4MB for nearly six weeks until it was throttled back.

So I was quite pleased, to say the least, that I have my 2MB service back for the price of 1MB...:-)

Strangely enough Tiscali is happy to give me and other existing customers this free upgrade, but it wouldn't budge over dropping the £15.99 charge to the £14.99 point it had for a while even though it was offered direct in an e-mail....:-(

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