Which Broadband Supplier

  simonp1 10:17 12 Mar 2003

I have been looking on the ADSL guide and have narrowed it down to Pipex,Zen and Nilgram unless anyone can suggest another. Im looking for good speed and good connections. If anyone is using these suppliers what do you think of them? or any other good ISPs. Now i no nothing about BB, what components do i require to get set up? I have read threads about certain components without knowing what they do or if i need them. Any advice will be most welcome. Thank you.

  Dade 12:18 12 Mar 2003

If you have a cable provider you can use that ISNT NTL then go with those.
If you can get Telewest cable then the decision is obvious.
Telewest cannot be beaten on service quality

  simonp1 12:26 12 Mar 2003

Dade, thanks for the reply but cable isnt here yet, bb is only now being enabled so i am limited.

  Thin White Duke 12:37 12 Mar 2003

Pipex user for about 18 months now.

No problems what-so-ever, and despite what many folk say, i have no problems with getting through to their customer support.

I'd recommend them to anyone...

Been with Pipex about a month and can't fault the service.

  simonp1 15:35 12 Mar 2003

Somdor,Duke, thanks for the reply, Pipex do seem atractive, what service offer are you on? and what equipment did you need to buy? thanks

  Thin White Duke 15:46 12 Mar 2003

I think Pipex are doing a belting offer at the moment on their Solo2Go range.

Free modem, activation and all that jazz, have a look at click here

  cleggy 15:49 12 Mar 2003

Simon been with them nearly a year and it just gets better plus noone is as inexpensive to install as they are giving away the modem, paying BT all it costs is two splitters.
Self install is easy

  cleggy 15:54 12 Mar 2003

Simon if you didn't follow thin white duke then pipex.com gets you to their home page and there you are a click away from all the info you will require. Enjoy broadband the best way

  simonp1 16:32 12 Mar 2003

Thanks Duke,cleggy. that looks like a really good offer, im paying £16 now for dial up AOL, looks like Pipex is the way forward then.

Simonp 1

Went for the free modem offer and just had to buy some additional filters.

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