Which broadband supplier...?

  mike2004 09:44 23 Dec 2009


Can you help. I am about to loose my company 'paid for' internet connection (BT business), so I have to sort something now for myself. I currently have the BT Business Broadband, Sky TV, and Virgin phone... the dilema: what do I do for most cost effective internet/phone/sky solution. Not sure if this is the right forum, however, any ideas? BTW, I use the broadband for normal uasge (no games), got sky + (full package) and phone for local calls (not many).

  tullie 10:34 23 Dec 2009

You can get Sky Broadband for £5 or£10,depending what your usage will be,if you have Skytalk for your phone,you get the £10 package for a £5

  interzone55 11:03 23 Dec 2009

Or if you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket try O2. £12.23 (£12.50 in the new year) for unlimited 8mb broadband is a fantastic deal, if you have an O2 mobile they'll lop a fiver off the price.

O2's support is also very good, it's a UK based 0800 number. I've only needed to call them twice, and they've gone into a lot of detail on both occasions to help me out, even next day shipping a replacement router when that was found to be the fault...

  bremner 11:03 23 Dec 2009

If you are prepared to pay and want a very fast reliable Broadband and you are in a served area there is only one choice - Virgin Cable.

  ol blueeyes 11:15 23 Dec 2009

Well I've just left Virgin Cable because they were useless ie: overcharged me for some 6 Months, Download Speeds not what they claimed and after Sales Service ZERO. So I am now with o2 Excellent Service, Price is good and Speeds are what they say you will get.

  Input Overload 11:26 23 Dec 2009

I changed from a premium service 'Zen' to Sky ADSL & had no problems whatsoever. I'm with Virgin cable now & the service from them has been great.

I am on a new network with Virgin cable which had a few teething problems but found the service to be excellent. So good in fact I Emailed them on two occasions regarding the high standard of work & personal service I received from from Virgin. For the last month it's been faultless.

  bremner 11:45 23 Dec 2009

I was with Telewest/Virgin for over ten years.

Other than one or two technical glitches I had a very good reliable service on 10Mb, 20Mb and 50Mb with the speed as advertised.

Having moved to a non Virgin area I am with BT and struggle to get 2.5Mb.

I know whic I would have!!

  birdface 12:39 23 Dec 2009

I have been with Virginmedia for 6 or 7 years now and don't have any problems with them.As An existing customer you will probably get your broadband a bit cheaper.And you should get a free wireless router.

  tillybaby 13:47 23 Dec 2009

Just switched to Virgin cable, last Friday to be exact and up to now I am delighted with the connection speeds etc. not only that but when I was with my previous supplier I the speed went to an absolute crawl at around 5pm when everyone was using it, none of that with Virgin so that's my recommendation.

  GaT7 15:03 23 Dec 2009

Another recommendation for O2 here.

Do a search at SamKnows click here to see if you can get it.

If yes, go via a cashback site click here / click here to get some money back, reducing the cost even further.

As alan14 says, if you own an O2 mobile (contract/PAYG) you can get a further £5 off your bill each month. A PAYG O2 phone will require a minimum of £10 topup every quarter to maintain the £20 (over a quarter) discount (that's £10 off even if you don't make use of the topup!). They even send a reminder email & text if you haven't made your £10 topup for a particular quarter. G

  simonjary 10:24 24 Dec 2009

PlusNet very good.

Compare most prices here:
click here

PC Advisor Broadband Report 2009:
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