Which Broadband provider to choose?

  CMC 42 14:48 11 Sep 2005

I'm a little stuck on this. Below is what I would like but a lot of websites aren't very clear (Wanadoo are the closest to what I want at the moment but I've just seen that they've got a download limit that I'd prefer not to be there).

What I would like: -

- Wireless connection (seening as it's for my laptop it makes sense)
- Preferebly around £17.99 or under a month
- 1 mb connection speed min.
- No Download limits
- Free modem

I would appreciate your help.

  Skills 14:53 11 Sep 2005

Tiscali 2Mb connection no limits £18 a month, free USB modem you'll need to buy your own wireless router thou for the wireless connection

Tiscali's usage policy click here

  Kate B 15:54 11 Sep 2005

Have a look at click here

  CMC 42 20:01 11 Sep 2005

What kind of price is a good price for a wireless router? Tiscalli's offer looks quite tempting.

  Skills 21:19 11 Sep 2005

Ebuyer seem to have them starting from around the £50 mark

  Smallgirls 23:02 11 Sep 2005

Have a lok at freenetname.co.uk I have been with them for many years and have had no problems at all.

  Smallgirls 23:04 11 Sep 2005

I did not spell the previous response very well. Go to click here you will enjoy very good service from them.

  spuds 01:00 12 Sep 2005

Go for Tiscali, and check their special offers before you sign up.

  Stuartli 08:22 12 Sep 2005

Re the suggestion from Spuds. I'm with Tiscali (in fact since the original WorldOnline days) and have no complaints regarding its products or its service (people fall back in amazement).

Orignally got 1MB for £15.99, actual speed for six weeks was up to 2.4MB before it was throttled back, and three weeks later upgraded foc to 2MB.

Tiscali has now lifted its usage cap for the majority of its BB speeds whilst, at the same time, warning exceptionally heavy users not to abuse the privilege during certain hours to make it fair for all its subscribers.

The offers vary almost from day to day and can be accessed, if you join, at the My Account section; upgrading/downgrading is simple and is completed very quickly.

  spuds 12:51 12 Sep 2005

Noticed that you are seeking a wireless modem, so I think Tiscali do not provide wireless modems as a free issue at present, but you could contact Tiscali and see whether they intend to supply. Today I received a Wanadoo promotion offer which states that they provide a free 'nifty Livebox wireless modem',up to 2 Meg Broadband, free off-peak calls,free wireless connection,all for only £17.99 a month. So on that information, looks like Wanadoo are offering a better deal at present.

  CMC 42 20:30 12 Sep 2005

Wanadoo's broadband box apparently doesen't work with all laptops and also, It is only £17.99 for the first 6 months and then it goes up to £21.99 a month, plus it has download limits. Wanadoo made it into the last few that I liked the look off but failed on these counts.

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