Which Broadband?

  fourjays 23:46 20 Jul 2004

I am currently on dial-up, and am wishing to upgrade to broadband. I am doing so, as I play a lot of online games on Gamespy, and I now have a 'clan' for Rogue Spear, so I need to host games with more than 4 people in. I wish to go for AOL, as I have used them before, they have excellent customer services, and they are almost the only one without any 'bandwidth limit'.

The two packages I am looking at are the 'Gold' (512kbps @ £24.99) and the 'Platinum' (1Mbps @ £29.99). They both say 'play online games', but the Platinum says 'more responsive'. I don't wish to spend too much on broadband, so would the 'Gold' be up to it?

  byfordr 23:50 20 Jul 2004

One place click here

Used click here cheap, fast short contract (3month) great customer services. Not seen too many tears with click here or click here (some great deals 512 during the day faster 1, 2 or 4mb connection at night)



  smokingbeagle 01:12 21 Jul 2004

click here
I use eclipse myself and they are excellent. Have never required tech suppoort or customer service with them.
Plus.net have a good rep but I found their customer service wanting.

  TomJerry 10:21 21 Jul 2004

I do not think the difference between 512K with 1M is much for gaming because the difference is only download, both have upload speed of 256K. Game is two way traffic, not much difference if only one way is quick. It is also questioable if download is quick because other player's upload speed is also only 256K.

Someone will jump up and tell you I am talking rubbish. But there is no any scientific comparision to prove me wrong and I think my reasoning is correct.

  helmetshine 10:34 21 Jul 2004


When trying to decide on which service is best take into account the upload speed as well.....don't forget when someone connects to your server it's a two way communication....your server has to send back to them all the details of what is happening on it....what the game is,what maps being played,who's on the server,where they are,what they are doing etc.All this info going to every player on the server takes up quite a bit of bandwidth and most residential connections won't have enough upload capacity to allow large numbers of players without lag.

If there's enough members of your clan who can afford to contribute a few pounds a month it may be better to rent a server.....there's plenty of suppliers about...then,using your new BB connection,you should get nice lag free gaming

  simonp1 11:39 21 Jul 2004

fourjays, as a gamer i would not recommend AOL for gaming. Not quick at all and the software has a lot of pop ups in it, not good when trying to play online games..

If you look at the first link provided by byfordr. the ADSL guide and compare AOL to other companies you will find they are not rated very well.

For gamers Zen Internet, i and many others have found to be one of the quickest..click here

They have unlimited download and 1 month contracts..

If you have your own clan, then really to play other clans you will need dedicted servers by ie Mulitplay. The cost is around £30 p/month.

  Dipso 22:19 21 Jul 2004

"...and they are almost the only one without any 'bandwidth limit'".

There are still plenty of ISP's out there that offer unrestricted usage.

Check the link suggested by byfordr use the comparison tool and also the message boards on the same site click here You can even ask the regulars on there, which ISP's they regard as the best for gaming.

  The Spires 23:26 21 Jul 2004

Zen...Not cheap but a first class service all round. click here

  fourjays 09:33 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for your help, but I feel that only TomJerry and helmetshine really answered my question. Thanks for your help anyway.

  Newuser426 18:39 25 Jul 2004

click here they use telefonica access centre with no download capping and are very competitivly priced

  stef9000 20:08 25 Jul 2004

In my experience dont go for ntl, as there customer services are absolutely useless, they ring u up once a year and ask if your service and packages are ok. Then when u say no im not happy with such and such they hang up on you. Thats from my experiences with ntl.

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