Which is better option for £500

  Diodorus Siculus 23:11 10 Dec 2007

The Toshiba P200-1ED allows you to have it all. Along with an Intel (R) Pentium (R) Dual Core TM T2310 Processor and Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium, the P200-1ED provides a mobile gaming solution and a riveting movie-watching experience. It is also packed with innovative multimedia technologies, and a stunning 17” widescreen display with Toshiba TruBrite technology for life-like video realism.

* Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T2310
* (1.46 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 1 MB Cache)
* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
* 2 GB Memory
* 120 GB Hard Drive

* DVD-SuperMulti Dual Layer Optical Drive
* 17" WXGA TruBrite Widescreen Display
* Intel GMA X3100 Graphics Card
* Wireless Enabled
* Onyx Blue/Silver Colour


The Toshiba A200-17I enables you to tackle your daily challenges with great performance from the AMD Turion 64 x 2 processor. Equipped with Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium and 2GB of memory to provide a superb computing experience.

* AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58 Processor
* (1.9GHz, 1600 MHz FSB, 1 MB Cache)
* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
* 2 GB Memory
* 160 GB Hard Drive

* 15.4" Widescreen Display
* DVD-SuperMulti Dual Layer Optical Drive
* ATI RADEON X1200 Graphics Card
* Wireless Enabled
* Onyx Blue Silver Colour

With the former, I lose 40GB hard drive space and get a Pentium dual core processor and a 17 inch screen; the latter gives me more disk space but smaller screen.

Both are £500 at PCWorld. Any idea which might be better value. I'm tempted towards the Pentium with the 17inch screen but can't decide...

Cheers, Dio

  Crash 23:18 10 Dec 2007

If you are going to be carrying it about go for the second one a 17 inch screen laptop will be heavier.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:19 10 Dec 2007

It's not for me and the person who wants it will not carry it much - basically will sit on the desk and do nothing... that's why I'm edging towards the 17inch.

Thanks for the reply, Dio

the 15.4" is slightly faster, if you are using it at a desk you can always buy a larger, cheap monitor to use and plug it in. on the other hand i would prefer a Pentium processor over an AMD, personally i still find the second, more powerful option more attractive

  Totally-braindead 10:21 11 Dec 2007

I can see why you are dithering.

I'd choose the first one, had a wee think about it and laptops are crap for games and the drive being a bit smaller wouldn't really concern me as you can get an external drive cheap enough if you want but the 17" screen is a boom and thats what you'll be looking at all the time. My eyesite isn't bad but I think the larger screen would be better on the eyes. Only thing I would mention is the advertising blurb is complete rubbish, it says "provides a mobile gaming solution". I don't think so. At this price range it wouldn't be all good certainly wouldn't play any new games at all but that aside its an excellent laptop at an excellent price. So the first one would be my choice. Toshibas make great laptops.

  Totally-braindead 19:09 11 Dec 2007

boom = boon. Sorry I know what I meant its only when checking back later I realised what I had typed.

  Diodorus Siculus 00:06 12 Dec 2007

Thanks for the responses; in the end I went with the Intel / 17inch. The guy who uses it will appreciate the extra desktop.

I didn't even notice the comment re. it being a gaming solution - it wasn't going to be nor indeed will it ever be wanted for gaming.

I set it up and like it a lot. Will be sorry to pass it on tomorrow :)

Cheers, Dio.

  Diodorus Siculus 00:24 13 Dec 2007

The recipient is very impressed by it - just doesn't much like the colour of the keyboard. Had been using a Celeron 1.1GHz with XP and 256mb RAM till now so anything should be an improvement!

  ronalddonald 21:39 22 Feb 2008

try ebuyer

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