Which is best - Photoshop or Corel ?

  WhiteViper 13:44 27 Apr 2006

I'm currently using Photoshop Elements 2, and I want to upgrade to the 'best' package available.

I've heard others say Photoshop 4 is fantastic, whilse others say it's slow and complex, and that the Corel packages are better.

Anyone have experience of both that can offer me some advice, or are there any other packages availble that I should consider ?

  Shortstop 14:06 27 Apr 2006

I can't say for sure as I only use Paint Shop Pro [Have you seen the size of that manual!?]. However, I would have to agree that it is complex. I'll be watching this now with interest for an answer from someone who does know!



  singalong 15:15 27 Apr 2006

what your needs are. If you wish to produce professional work for clients, I would definitely go for Photoshop CS,(and perhaps the complet Creative Suite), as it is designed with professionals in mind. However, just for playing with, creating logo's, designing graphics, manipulating and improving photographs etc, I would recommend Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Elements.

I write tutorials for both Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS 1 and 2

click here

And because my website is a hobby, I am more than happy with Paint Shop Pro - my website has been completely created with Paint Shop Pro - I don't know HTML or CSS, and don't wish to learn it - I am too lazy.

In my opinion, (for personal use), Paint Shop Pro is equal to Adobe Photoshop, however, there are certain tools available in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop CS that are not included in Photoshop Elements, such as Layer Blend Modes, which are (in my humble opion) very important tools to have - I would be lost without them.

Of course, there is the price to consider, Photoshop CS is approximately 4 times more expensive than Paint Shop Pro. (Photohsop Elements is slightly cheaper than Paint Shop Pro).

Finally, I love both Photoshop CS and Paint Shop Pro and find the learning curve to be similar, but if one had to be taken away, I would definitely keep Paint Shop Pro. (I have versions 7 and X).

If I were you, I would download a trial of both.

click here

click here

Good luck!

  Diemmess 18:17 27 Apr 2006

And neither have I!

I use Corel 12 having followed through from v 2.0 and for some long time I used the vector drawing half - Corel Draw only.

All apostles for named apps tend to be subjective in their opinion and why not indeed.
Local camera club (so a friend tells me) in a few short years has changed from sneering at digital photograpy to being obsessed by Photoshop CS.

Photoshop was originally a Mac app, the link being Adobe, so the graphics world virtually had to use Photoshop and Illustrator.

Corel came in as a PC app. It was primitive in the beginning, (I was using Microgrphx Picture Publisher)
IMO Corel is now as good as it gets.
The Photopaint part of the graphics suite has all the facilities that Photoshop buffs expect, it is simply the terminology and placing in various menus that differ.

So I'm flag waving for Corel Draw for designs and posters, Photopaint for picture editing.

Both Flagships have steep learning curves, but Corel includes a splendid vector drawing package, with Photoshop you have to buy Illustrator separately and for much more money.

  €dstowe 18:53 27 Apr 2006

Some of my artists use Adobe, some Corel, some use other graphics software.

It's all a matter of personal preference.

Best thing is to (as has been recommended) download a trial of whichever you wish and see which suits you. That's what these trial versions are for.

  Haol 20:22 27 Apr 2006

Go for Photoshop CS2, there's one fairly large learning curve but once you get over it you will be quite the genius at graphics design.

  ened 06:35 28 Apr 2006

As a user of both programmes and PSP I find each has it's own uses (different filters etc.) but what I like about Elements is this chap click here
which is free to a point but well worth paying for.

  flyingbrit 13:28 30 Apr 2006

But when I first started manipulating images I used Corel 8 and now I'm on X3 so it's the one I prefer (you just get used to one therefore prefer it) The pro's in UK and various other countries use Adobe, but it seems in Canada and Australia they use Corel. What that means I don't know! Photoshop always seems complex to me.
I've been experimenting with Corel Painter of late and it does seem very good, especially for home use and it's a lot cheeper to buy than the full blown graphics progs. Could that one be worth a try?

  bigboat24 04:13 08 May 2006

I personally favor photoshop over corel it is easier to use, I was able to get a good price on photoshop and a free tutorial at degreedownloads.com

  gill123 05:39 07 Jun 2006

href="click here">click here;/A>you
gotta see these zany videos of painters testing the best dust masks -?
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  Simsy 15:57 07 Jun 2006

Great site.

I'll make use of it, and so I'm sure, will my dad.




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