which is the best make of laptop

  jayjayj 18:19 27 Jul 2012

hi i have a toshiba laptop which im am having a few problems with i have been offered an exchange or money back as it is still new the problem is i like the laptop i have and it as everything i need should i stick with this model l850-166 or go for a sony or something else i have always had toshiba just seem to have a few faults with this model thanks

  ams4127 20:31 27 Jul 2012

If you are happy with Toshiba, then stay with them. Otherwise, read the reviews on the PCA website and take your pick.

  Forum Editor 08:38 28 Jul 2012

I'm a bit of a Toshiba fan myself. The company knows how to make good, dependable laptops, and I've had several of them.

Don't be deterred, just because you happen to have had a machine with a problem - it's unlikely to happen twice. I would go for a replacement.

  jayjayj 16:21 28 Jul 2012

thanks for replys i had a toshiba for over ten years that why i pick toshiba again, the problem is this is my 3rd replacement the first 1 made a static pop noise the second 1 was full of finger prints on the screen, and now this 1 is making the pop noise every now and again at the moment i have a complaint with the store where i bought it as i am wondering if i have a refurbished laptop, i have been told i can exchange it again or pick something else but there nothing else that i like this one suits all my needs, also feel that the store shud compansate me in some way as they cant explain why 2 new laptops are cover in prints and look like the screen had been wiped with a damp rag

  Forum Editor 18:46 28 Jul 2012

"also feel that the store shud compansate me in some way as they cant explain why 2 new laptops are cover in prints and look like the screen had been wiped with a damp rag"

You can tell immediately if a laptop box has been opened because the manufacturer's seal will be broken. I can't tell you whether or not you have been given a used or display machine, but there's no reason why the store should compensate you, so forget about that, and concentrate on getting a brand new computer. Which store are we talking about, by the way?

  jayjayj 18:58 28 Jul 2012

the seal wasnt broken but i find it hard to believe that toshiba would send them out in this condion

  frybluff 09:56 29 Jul 2012

The "fingerprint" issue is probably down to a packer, at the factory, having an "off day", which shouldn't happen, but does.

I would be more concerned with the "faults". If you've had two, with the same fault, that really does point to a "batch issue". That doesn't have to be in manufacture. It could be poor handling, or storage, of a particular shipment.

No manufacturer has 100% reliability (I would have said Toshiba was one of the better ones). What's important is how, if you are unlucky enough to have a problem, that issue is dealt with. It does, at least, sound as if your supplier has been helpful.

No one can give you "guaranteed" advice. At the end of the day, you've just got to "go with your gut".

  DeviantYouTubeMan 09:18 08 Aug 2012

If we consider performance, decent specs, price, and design; and based on the life span of the laptops of the people I know, Asus, Toshiba, and Lenovo are really good makers of laptops.

I always rely on expert reviews from this site and other sites like CNET.

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