Which AV Sender?

  bremner 18:31 22 Feb 2011

I want to have the capability of watching TV in my conservatory and to run a coax would be problematic. I have a Sky+ box in a bedroom about 7-8m away. Transmission would be line of site through window and/or brick

Several years ago I had an AV Sender (2.4GHZ) and its performance was at best average.

I have researched what is currently available had have seen that there are now 5.8GHz models.

This one seems to have the best feedback on Amazon click here. Has anyone first hand experience of this or any other 5.8GHz senders.


  wee eddie 18:47 22 Feb 2011

"Transmission would be line of site through window and/or brick"

Are you, by any chance ~ Clark Kent's alter ego?

  bremner 19:13 22 Feb 2011

No - but I have been known to wear my underpants over my trosers ;O)

  Al94 19:28 22 Feb 2011

My son is using reasonably priced ones from Maplins with great success, click here

  bremner 20:51 22 Feb 2011

Thanks for posting.

Those are 2.4GHz and with my wifi and cordless phones operating on that frequency the chances of interference is considerably greater than that for the 5.8GHz models.

  jimmybond 21:47 22 Feb 2011

I bought these ones
click here
Why spend £80 when a £50 one works just as well. I think they all do roughly the same job, there's so few ratings for all of them I wouldn't go purely by the reviews, you'll always get one or two moaners cos it won't broadcast DVD quality to their garden shed through a blizzard.

  Roadgiant 22:52 22 Feb 2011

I spent the extra and bought the Nikkai 5.GHZ set from Maplin as well as an additional reciever.
I have recently had the house extended and at the same time had an aerial installer round to run several aerial sockets around the house, when the engineer was here he looked at the picture on the TV in our bedroom and couldn't believe that it was via a video sender, he reckoned it was the best he had ever seen, commenting that there was no loss of quality.
It's obviously difficult to compare as every house is different, one thing to take into consideration is where you are taking the feed from. Later Satellite equipment has more scarts etc, but with my old Sky box I ended up having to take the feed from a through scart plug with phono plug sockets on the top.The Nikkai 5.GHZ has phono sockets on it rather than a fixed lead with scart plug on the end. because of this you have more options for connectivity.

  Roadgiant 23:10 22 Feb 2011

Just noticed that you say you have a Sky+ box, be careful because I believe some of the video senders will not be able to send the signal from the remote as apparently Sky HD remote signals use a different type of signal (IR and IRDA) signals and the Nikkai's and some other brands are not fully compatible.Make sure you research this fully to avoid disappointment!!

  bremner 07:25 23 Feb 2011


I agree with your comments and that is why I was after objective comment from people here. I will take acloser look at the Qose device.


I will have a look at the Nikkai and have was aware of the issues with IR and Sky boxes. Again I will fully research

Thanks to both of you.

  bremner 11:57 24 Feb 2011

Have decided to give the Qose recommended by Jimmybond as they seem to tick all my boxs and at £50 are VFM.

Thanks to everyone.

  jimmybond 00:01 25 Feb 2011

Good choice - from my experience anyway, they certainly work well enough. Just spend the extra time at the start, picking a channel - some will work better than others in terms of interference....

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