which 6600 gt graphics card?

  kevinjuan 17:04 08 Dec 2005

Are there any major differences between the makes of this card?
Surely if they have the same processor & memory wont the performance be the same?

If they have 128MB memory and the same outputs, what do the individual makers do to warrant so many different cards & prices on the market. And which is best??

  PaulB2005 17:13 08 Dec 2005

Different manufacturers use differnt quality and speed of RAM.

Some also raise the clock speeds so they are faster.

The best is the fastest one you can afford.

Look at these: click here

Note the different clock speeds.

  kevinjuan 17:26 08 Dec 2005

Thanks for the quick reply PaulB

Is it possible to really tell the differece between the different clock speeds (950 1120 MHz) when playing games ( Doom 3 & Quake 4)or is it the subtlties such as shadows and brightness?

  PaulB2005 17:30 08 Dec 2005

To be honest i think the difference will be slight. If a card was upped by 10% then really it's only a few frames per second more. At lower fps this might be slightly more noticeable but at higher fps not much difference.

Personally i spent a bit more and got the 6800 instead, but like i said The best is the fastest one you can afford.

  citadel 17:44 08 Dec 2005

the difference will be with the software bundle, get one with games and other stuff you do not have.

  Totally-braindead 18:01 08 Dec 2005

I would only buy a branded graphics card they are worth the extra as I have had unbranded cheaper cards and have had a great deal of trouble with them. At present my card is a MSI GT6600.

  kevinjuan 19:51 08 Dec 2005

Thanks for the insight & opinions. Much enlightened.

  kevinjuan 23:26 08 Dec 2005


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