Which of the 3 is better (laptops)

  Josquius 20:53 09 Aug 2006

click here

Which is actually £499


click here=

or possibly

click here=

Are there any gaping flaws I could have missed? The bottom one has a lot written on it but I don't know which of that also applies to the second top...

  De Marcus™ 21:20 09 Aug 2006

There a few fairly large differences between them all, for instance the first and last ones are celeron, whereas the 2nd one is a centrino, which would be the processor of choice out of all of them.

However, the centrino model comes with a paltry 40gb drive and lowly 256mb ddr2 ram, which means xp will run like it's had glue poured all over it (unless you upgrade it). The first one, is plentiful in this area, loads of ram and hd space, the last one not so much.

None come with independant graphics so none will play any modern games.

Out of them all, and without knowing what your looking for, the most well balanced machine in terms of price to performance (spec) would probably be the first one. Celerons come in for a lot of stick, mostly undeserved and they are quite capable of doing most tasks as efficiently as the all guns blazing cpu's. In other words, the latest core duo cpu's aren't going to make word go any faster than a celeron.

  Josquius 21:47 09 Aug 2006

I've been told I can upgrade the 256 one to 512 for £30 which I do plan to do.

  Josquius 21:47 09 Aug 2006

Why do celerons get stick?
What makes centrinos better?

  De Marcus™ 22:04 09 Aug 2006

The upgrade is worth it, especially for £30. Aside from the hard drive being a tad on the small side (also upgradeable) the centrino is a faster machine than the rest, but thats all relevant to what the intended use's are.

Celeron's are essentially scaled down versions of cpu's, think of it like this, a 1.6 litre car engine compared to a plain 1.6 litre, 16 valve, Double Overhead Cam, Twin injection, turbo is no comparison in speed terms, however both will cruise at 70mph, it's when you begin to push the engines to the limits that you realise the difference.

  De Marcus™ 22:24 09 Aug 2006

ignore > plain

  Josquius 11:37 10 Aug 2006

I know far more abotu computers then cars so the analogy is lost on me :D

I wonder. How does this woolies one compare to those mentioned: click here
Seems quite similar to the 2nd one but a lot cheaper (and ram can still be put in)

  De Marcus™ 12:44 10 Aug 2006

Seems very good value for money, including a memory upgrade.

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