Sam280691 20:17 20 Jan 2006

Which would be best for gaming, would it play bf2 easily?

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+ with HT Tech.

1024MB DDR400 Memory - PC3200 (2x512)

256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX - TV-Out + DVI - PCI-Express


Intel® Pentium® Processor 940 w/ Dual Core Technology 3.2GHz 800MHz FSB

2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz - 4 x 512MB

256MB PCI-Express x16 NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7800 GTX

  Jimmy05 20:19 20 Jan 2006

The AMD processor would perform better and the 2GB ram would be better...

why not Use the AMD processor, 2GB ram and the graphics card ?

  Sam280691 20:29 20 Jan 2006

Is the 2gb ram going to make a huge difference?

  silverous 20:38 20 Jan 2006

where 2GB ram makes a difference. Go for the AMD and add a Gig of ram later if you need it.

  Sam280691 20:41 20 Jan 2006

Im buying it in a package and it costs 75 Pounds is it worth it?

  PaulB2005 20:48 20 Jan 2006

Some games do demand more system RAM to handle textures etc. I believe BF2 is one of those that runs much smoother with 2 Gb RAM + especially Multiplayer.

click here

"I lowered the AA setting to 4AA hoping to lower the RAM usage, but it is still over ~1.1GB on a server with just me running around on it. I am sure that 1.2GB+ will be hit quite often during a battle with 50+ players."

This site blames possible Memory Leakage though....

click here

"The game has a serious memory leak on some systems. I personally experienced peak memory usage of a whopping 1.4GB (Ed: And people say we're crazy using 2 GB of RAM)."

  Totally-braindead 20:50 20 Jan 2006

Is it worth it for an extra 1 gig? Well cost wise good quality memory is about that, I was £69 for 1 gig about a month ago, do you need it is a different question. I would say no its not essential but some people seem to be saying that 2 gig is better for BF2 and it will certainly run without it. What I would do is get the 1 gig only but make sure it has 2 memory slots free for further updates then if you do decide you want it go here and get it click here

  silverous 21:38 20 Jan 2006

I think you'll find when the quote is referring to 50+ users it is talking about a game server's memory.

Your PC if it has a decent graphics card I don't think will be using main memory to store textures - that's what graphics memory is for surely? I could be wrong on that.

I've got 1GB and there isn't a game I can't run with everything on full.

  PaulB2005 23:41 20 Jan 2006

Fair enough - I'll admit that i didn't read the thread very closely but it was similar to one i read before.

I did say textures - i meant maps.

  bob4432 10:22 22 Feb 2006

as the author of BF2 / SF Ram Usage guide linked to in this thread - click here

i wanted to point out to silverous that in response to "I think you'll find when the quote is referring to 50+ users it is talking about a game server's memory." i am strictly referring to a client machine and not the server rig. if you log onto an empty server and look at your total ram usage, then log onto a server with the same map of the same size with the only difference being that it is populated you will see that your client machine does require more ram. the reason i specified this is because i run some tests on my own dedicated server that i am connected to via a 100Mb/s switch.

just wanted to clear this up.

also the resolution needs to be quantified when saying "I've got 1GB and there isn't a game I can't run with everything on full."

and for the record, in my experience changning texture quality does make a difference on how much total computer ram is used, at least with cards up to 256MB, maybe 7800GTX 512MB takes care of this but i don't know as i have not tested one of those.

also, glad the article helps people out ;)

  bob4432 10:27 22 Feb 2006

Sam280691 -

why not go with a x2 3800 or opteron 165 and 2GB, or if money is an issue get 1x1GB stick now and then add another 1GB stick later. the amd memory controller doesn't really like 4 sticks of ram and the difference you would get by running 1x1GB stick in single channel mode is not that great.

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