Where's the best palce to buy a PC?

  milanpatel 08:08 19 Mar 2003

I want to buy a new system as my present one is 6 years old and you'll agree a little dated. I use a pc for office applicatuions, internet and I would like to download of the net and record onto CD, as well as plug in my video camera and edit footage etc.... What do I need?

Who's out there that gives goog customer service, support and quality products and reasonble prices.? Dell, Eversham, Mesh ...... who do I give my hard earned cash to???

Please help!

  eskimo 08:15 19 Mar 2003

Mesh are doing some good deals at the moment you can configure on-line, a friend just purchased one from them and is very satisfied.

  Mango Grummit 09:17 19 Mar 2003

The best place is your local shop. You can look into someones eyes as you pass your money over, pick up the machine and take it home, any problems pick it up again and take it back. See the many threads on this site from people who have had problems with distance buying. There are of course many people who have bought at a distance and had no problems at all.

How lucky are you normally?

  anchor 09:19 19 Mar 2003

Consider Evesham.

Have a look at this recent thread:

click here

Possibly Evesham get more recommendations on this forum than anyone.

Evesham site: click here

  « Ravin » 09:34 19 Mar 2003

well i'm using a dell and i'm thoroughly satisfied with the pc and their service.

have a look at the site if you can find a configuration that best suits you and if you can get it delivered to you without any hassles, its one of the best around.

i haven't had any problems with my computer , a completely satisfied customer but there have been complaints , which probably is normal for a big manufacturer as dell.

  Ritchbee 09:47 19 Mar 2003


From my recent purchasing experience I wouldn't recommend Mesh or Evesham.

Try these guys click here

They will build you want YOU want.

  Stalker 10:21 19 Mar 2003

I would definatly recommend your local computer store(s), if you have a problem you can take it in and explain it to them and get it sorted, and you will probably find you will have less down time if you encounter any problems, unlike places like mesh and evesham where you have to sit on a tech support lines for hours then be told you have to wait a couple of weeks for the problem to be sorted.

Good luck with what ever you choose.


  ttttttttt 10:49 19 Mar 2003

I have just bought a PC from Mesh - delivered on time , correct spec ,prompt response to technical query raised , short waiting time when calling and they have also returned calls as promised- overrall v happy so far!!

  Mr Alien 11:33 19 Mar 2003
  Andsome 11:33 19 Mar 2003

LOCAL SHOP every time. Discuss with them what you want to do with the machine, and only pay for things that you need. eg, I don't have a dial up modem on mine because I use broadband. I did not get so called FREE software which I did not need. Remember that everything on the computer has to be included in the costings, therefore so called free printers, or office or works suites are NOT free at all.

  bfoc 11:37 19 Mar 2003

And I would be most likely to buy Evesham again. Truthfully the last four machines I've bought from all these manufacturers had problems with them. Some were major other minor but Evesham, in my personal experience, offered me the best service and Mesh (on 2 occassions separated by a number of years)the worst and I will never deal with them again!

I have recommended Evesham to family and friends and they have all been very satisified. I am the only one who had problems with the machine delivered!

Incidentally if you want to do video editing you might want to look at Eveshams Wonder series. The new (replacement) machine I'm using is one (axis 2400 Wonder TFT) and it comes with connections for both analogue and Digital video as well as software. It also has the TV and Teletext functions. But wait just a short while as from 24th March the price is down by £42!

Having said all that if you have a good computer shop 'on your doorstep' then that can be a very good bet!

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