where to sell RAM apart from ebay?

  Mysticnas 11:41 09 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I've been thinking about selling my DDR 2100 ram. 2GB of it. It's Crucial ram, under a year old.

It's just that i've heard some dodgy things about ebuyer and prefer to stay away.


  Sir Radfordin 12:35 09 Mar 2004

Ebuyer or Ebay?? I assume you mean ebay.

Your options are fairly limited for that kind of thing. You could try the local newspaper or computer shop or amongst people you know.

As a seller on ebay what is the problem? You will have the money up front and so that wont cause you any grief.

If it is a case of not wanting to pay the fees or the delay than that is another matter but i am certain that you would have a far better chance there than in the local rag or a computer store who will want to make a profit on any resale value and therefore pay you less.

  soy 15:51 09 Mar 2004

How much are you selling for? I may be interested in purchasing 512MB if you have it.

  soy 15:53 09 Mar 2004

BTW, if you are the seller, then your pretty much in the driving seat and won't get hussled if you decide to sell on ebay.

  Aspman 16:02 09 Mar 2004

I sell on Ebay regularly and I've had no real problems except one person who took a bit long to pay. even in the worst case I still had the item.

You should be fine selling it on Ebay just remember to wait until cheques are cleared etc before you send.

  Al94 16:26 09 Mar 2004

Agree 100% with others, I sell regularly, there is no risk, as a seller you are fully in control and have payment upfront. I have always been delighted with price obtained.

  Mysticnas 20:33 09 Mar 2004

I know it maybe very difficult , but i need to sell the whole lot together.

2gb. I want to get some faster ram you see, but i still need 2GB. I can't let any one of the sticks go individually.

  rickf 20:39 09 Mar 2004

You can also try amazon. I sell regularly through them w/o probs. You have to wait though for the money to be transferred to your b/ac.Generally around two wks if you are are first time seller with them.

  soy 20:53 09 Mar 2004

No probs Mysticnas.

I think ebay will be the best option.

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