Where for a monitor?

  Elrond 15:03 13 Feb 2003

I am after a normal 15" crt monitor as inexpensive as possible. It is for my old PC that isn't in use at the minute but i want to set it up as a second system as me and the other half often need to use the PC and I thought it wud be good to set the old one up mainly for office/word processing apps. So obviously i aint after anything too fancy and was hoping some of you guys and gals maybe able to point me in the right direction. I know this maybe a bit of a push but i'm hoping not to pay much more than around £65. Is this possible? Thanks for all time and efforts.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:16 13 Feb 2003

RDC often have them - click here

Look in something like loot to get one 2nd hand. Your local PC shop may also have some old ones that they will pass on for a nominal fee.

You could always try the IT Manager of the local companies to see if they have any old kit they would like to off load on you!

  Elrond 15:21 13 Feb 2003

Thanks for the suggestion. Is all the stock on there new or old office equipment. If old, is it likely to be in good condition?

  Djohn 15:36 13 Feb 2003

Elrond, Which part of the country are you in?

  *mark 16:16 13 Feb 2003
  korkyB 17:56 13 Feb 2003

Try this, still £17 above your budget but new and guaranteed!
click here

  leo49 18:03 13 Feb 2003

click here

Scroll down for 17" Dell refurbished @ £44.99

and refurbished 15" @ £29.99


  Elrond 18:21 13 Feb 2003

Thanks for all suggestions. I'll take a look.

  Coaster3 20:25 13 Feb 2003

leo49 as usual, hit the nail on the head. If you want a new monitor, however, try Ebuyer.

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