Where is Mesh Customer Service?

  Sloper69 20:39 31 Oct 2006

On 2/09/2006 I ordered a Elite2 Extreme SLI Desktop PC. Then my troubles began..
Estimated delivery on 25/09/2006 but arrived later on 02/10/2006 incomplete - was warned as delay with monitor. Additional parts arrived on 05/10/2006 and so I set up the machine on the Friday (6th).Got it running for 6 hours on the Saturday before the system failed. I contacted technical support (Mon 9th), followed instructions about re-installing drivers, rebooted, the screen went blank and would not start properly. Contacted technical support, they sent a technician who found that the machine had wires which had not been connected. He also noted that the system software had not been "imaged" (installed) at the factory correctly - IE: I am missing the important 'restore' files which would enable me to restore the machine if the system software fails.Contacted technical support, they offered to take in the machine and fully test it to locate problem. I had to contact tech support to give my address details (which they have already) but could not use their online system as that was not working for about a week. Contact Mesh about missing monitor, am told new date of mid-October.Contacted Mesh on 23/10 to find out when courier arriving to collect machine, whilst on phone phone courier turns up although they said Tuesday.Machine not boxed up - courier goes. Contact Mesh again, they confirm Tuesday. I box up machine. Machine collected Tuesday (24/10)-same courier, different day. I am told 3 day turnaround upon receipt of machine. Contact Mesh about missing monitor. They first know nothing about it and then can't give possible delivery date. Friday 27th, contact Mesh about when to expect machine (3 days has gone). Am told probably Monday, Tuesday at latest. Monday 30th, contact Mesh about return of Machine. Am told they have not looked at it yet, will contact me.
Result: now will be getting advise as to claiming all my money back. I work in an establishment where I am responsible for IT. Never had such poor service from a company.

  Sloper69 20:41 31 Oct 2006

Do I have a case for a full refund? Obviously, I don't want a partial refund as have had very little use and no use of my monitor - still awaiting arrival...

  MESH Support 13:06 01 Nov 2006

Hi Sloper69,

I'm sorry to read of your experience.

If you could email me your Mesh Order Number and screen name (Sloper69) to [email protected] I would like to offer to help where I can.


  Sloper69 22:24 01 Nov 2006

Thank you, Davey.
I look forward to this being resolved.

  Sloper69 18:31 02 Nov 2006

For anyone who has read this:
Following advise from Consumer Direct, I have now contacted Mesh by mail (recorded delivery) and my credit card company to ask for a full refund of the money I paid.
I quoted the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)to Mesh and Consumer Credit Act 1974, Section 75 to my credit card company.
Consumer Direct has example letters that you can modify if you wish to complain and a helpful support team.

With regards my system, I still haven't heard from Technical Support after 8 working days - remember they said a 3 day turnaround to get the system fixed. I explained I needed it quickly for work, not that I've had much use of it since buying the system and receiving it.

If you are experiencing any problems with any company, I suggest you take a look at consumer direct.

  spuds 22:41 02 Nov 2006


The advice that you have given,regarding contacting Consumer Direct and the credit card company, as been repeated numerous times within the forum, so its not actually something new.

Davey asked you to email him direct, and it would seem that you may have agreed to follow this step, by your reply. Did you contact Davey, or did you proceed as directed by Consumer Direct.The reason that I ask this question, is because Davey may help in resolving the issue much quicker, than perhaps waiting for other procedures to take effect.

  Sloper69 10:38 03 Nov 2006

I did both.
I contacted Davey by email and set wheels in motion following consumer advice. Let's just say that having believed all the dates MESH gave me up to this point and they repeatedly failing to meet them, my belief in the new dates to resolve each issue has now evaporated. I am a patient person, but after a month+ of being told one thing and it not being delivered, it has disappeared.

  ened 17:20 03 Nov 2006

Did you want help or just have a moan?

You haven't really given MESH Support much time before you are firing off demands.

As spuds says the quickest way for a resolution would appear to be through Davey's help and not by putting their backs up and possibly causing them to dig in their heels.

  MESH Response 18:11 03 Nov 2006

We have attempted to contact you by phone a number of times today - to no avail.

Bare in mind Davey was away today so it maybe you left another number with him and we were unable to access it.

We will do so again on Monday. Whilst I fully appreciate you wish to affect an immediate resolutions to this problem, I assure you, so do we.

I will ensure you are contacted on Monday AM.


  Sloper69 12:35 04 Nov 2006

I'm sorry ended that you feel I haven't MESH sufficient time.
I tend to work on the premise that if you buy something it should be delivered and it should work.
When it does not work, then the company involved should pull out all the stops to resolve the matter. I have had dealings with many facets of the IT industry from support services to software suppliers to installation companies. In each of these cases, when a problem arose gave a date and achieved it. They did not give a date, give another, give another....and leave you to chase them up at your time and expense each time they did not meet it.
The problem with the system has been going on since 9/10/06. First it was hardware problems, then it was operating sytem issues. In each case they gave me dates that were not met.
In addition to this, they did not suppl y every part of the system I paid for. I accepted the initial delay as was told a week later, then a further delay when given a new date. None of these dates have been met.
Would you accept a car where the engine is faulty and the wheels haven't been delivered? Would you accept a number of dates for these to be resolved only for it not to be done when the car is an essential tool for your work?

  Forum Editor 12:45 04 Nov 2006

8 working days ago now, and had only been away for 3 working days when you started this thread.

Mesh have alread told you that they have attempted to contact you by phone (using a number that you must have provided) a number of times, but to no avail.

Now you have a promise of a call-back on Monday morning - today being Saturday.

I suggest that you wait to see what transpires then, and let us know as and when further developments take place.

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