Where have ACER put my laptop???

  wilf3102 13:54 13 Aug 2004

Hi all

On the 26th of June, Acer received my Aspire 1605LC laptop for a repair - a simple Replacment Heatsink, under warranty.

i was assured such repairs take around 4-5 days, though i was quite willing to accept around 7-10 days for it to be returned to me.

It was 14 days later, with no laptop, that i decided to call the Repair centre.

I was told the system had been fixed and would be returned within 2-3 days... i thought fair enough, as long as i could begin using it again !!!!

It wasnt until the 12th of July that the laptop came back, with confirmation of the repair - but ACER had sent me back someone elses system!!!

I knew this would take forever to resolve, So i rang ACER and explained the situation.

I was told that "someone must have my system, as i must have theirs".
I highlighted the fact that all my confidential and private information was at risk of being accessed, to which i received no information of its return.

To cut a mighty long story short... I returned the wrong system to ACER, and rang to confirm that mine had also been returned.

I was informed that they had received my system, and that it was currently on the workbench being repaired.
In horror I proclaimed that It had been certified by Acer as fully Repaired, and that a second repair was unnecessary. The agent said she could not inform the engineers of this, and so my system would have to endure an unnecessary repair, AGAINST MY WILL!!! Surely this is illegal !!!

So apart from this, I was very angry at still not having my laptop. I waited and waited for information of its return, which i was promised by at least two Customer Service staff.

40 days has passed, and still no information, or replacement. Clearly ACER had mixed up the systems again, as the 2nd repair, although unecessary, would surely have been completed after so long, and i should have my system, or a REPLACEMENT.

Meanwhile, I have sent 2 UNANSWERED LETTERS requesting information, AND made 4 PHONE CALLS which resolved nothing.

As Acer failed to give me my system or a replacement within 40 days, i had to seek professional advice, and Trading Standards have been involved.

So why cant ACER tell me where my system is after 40+ days of it being in their possession???

Acer wont tell me where it is, and despite this problem, seem reluctant to send a replacement !!

Surely there is a law or something to ensure a replacement is sent to me promptly, when it is clearly Acers misplacement that has lost my system.

Please help me !!! All i want is a laptop back !!!

  Dorsai 18:09 13 Aug 2004

A very good question.

How long do you have to wait before they have to (legally) admit to having lost your laptop (or whatever you sent to any company for repair), and either give you a new one, or the money?

  Jarvo 19:45 13 Aug 2004

Ring the head office in slough see previous post

click here


  spuds 19:57 13 Aug 2004

What did trading standards advice!.

I hate to say this, but I had a similar experience with the ex Tempo Electrical Superstore company. I returned a computer for repair, and to this day that computer as never turned up.Various excuses, most of which were totally incorrect, were made over a period of many months. It was only by the good customer service from CTX, the original manufacturer of the faulty computer, that I received a new replacement.

  wilf3102 10:31 14 Aug 2004

Previously I have phoned the Helpline, of the Acer UK ltd address in Slough.

Being passed through to different agents didn't help, nor did trying to speak to Team Leaders or managers (Too busy to return my calls etc..)

Trading Standards seemed to be a good option, as the helpful agent there made a call on my behalf to chase the laptop.

Being from the Trading standards seemed to help, as he was able to speak to a Supervisor and emphasise my concerns.

He was promised (on Wednesday 11th Aug) that if it could not be found, a replacement would be sent.

No sign of the computer as yet !!!!!

Unfortunately, the agent that is soley in charge of my case is away until Monday, so i couldnt chase yesterday, for any new information.

Fingers crossed tho, If i do get a system soon, it will have been mostly due to the efforts of Trading Standards, as Acer do not seem to like dealing with their customers nor helping them with problems that were entirely their fault.

Next step - claiming for the several phone calls made to Acer after they mixed up my computer, and also for the 40 days without my computer!!!

Can anyone advise me on how i should approach chasing for the lost time without my system, and also the fact that Acer allowed my confidential data to be viewed by another user??

Help on this would be appreciated!!


  spuds 10:47 14 Aug 2004

The trading standards should have available liturature about making possible claims. One site that may help click here

Regarding the confidential data issue, I think that you will find a dead end here. It was your responsibility to have deleted this information in the first instance, but I realise in this case it would have been impossible. You could try the Data Protection people click here for their advice, but I think your case would merit a low interest as far as they would be concerned.

  Forum Editor 12:38 14 Aug 2004

by another user"

You have no evidence to substantiate that statement, apart from a comment from Acer's staff member that 'someone else' must have your system. In any event, Acer aren't responsible for safeguarding your data in this context - you are, and frankly you acted irresponsibly by sending your laptop to a repair centre with confidential data on the hard drive.

Apart from that, you have a legitimate cause for complaint. On the basis of what you've said Acer have acted negligently in sending your repaired machine back to another customer, and now they appear to have compounded that error by losing thr machine altogether. If that is indeed what has happened then Acer will be insured - the machine was still under warranty, and you should receive a replacement. Contact Acer in writing, and send the letter by special delivery. Tell them that as a 'reasonable' time for the warranty period has now elapsed, and in the absence of a satisfasctory explanation of the delay you have reason to believe that they may have lost your computer, and that you look to them either:

1. To return your original machine in working condition


2. To provide you with a new replacement of an equal or better specification

Within 14 days - failing which you reserve your right to take action against them for recovery of your property and/or damages without further notice.

  wilf3102 16:27 24 Aug 2004

Acer basically lost my system, after sending it to someone else by mistake.
Being unable to retrieve it, they've finally offered to send a replacment- 60 days after avoiding my Questions!!!

This result was only possible through the Intervention of Trading Standards, as Acer wouldn't tell me anything, despite numerous calls and unreplied Letters.

Trading standards managed to arrange a return call to myself, from a Supervisor at Acer UK.

Ive been promised despatch today - but i cant give up yet, until its in my possession.

Lets hope it arrives soon !!

Many thanks to Trading Standards !!!!!!!!

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