Where to get new mp3 music from?

  johnnyolsen 14:54 31 May 2011

I am getting a bit tired of listening to the same mp3 music I've got onto my computer and I think I need to find some fresh new mp3 songs or maybe even discover some new music genres.

So I'm just wondering, where do you guys usually prefer to go online to get and download mp3 music songs?

Any interesting new mp3 music downloads ideas or tips I have missed until now?

  lotvic 23:59 31 May 2011

There are so many to choose from, it would help if you said what type and era you were interested in and if you mean for free or to buy.

Youtube maybe?

  Covergirl 11:05 01 Jun 2011

Spotify. Download the client, sign up for a free account and (I think it's still) 20 free hours per month with just about anything on there, all tagged so hitting a tag could take you to other similar music you're not come across before.

Admittedly 20 hours isn't a lot but you could subscribe.

  johnnyolsen 14:30 01 Jun 2011


My bad that didn't mention what kind of mp3 music downloads I want.

The truth is that anything goes, except rock and hardcore and something like that, because I am looking into discovering any new kinds of music. Suppose it does not matter, I am also willing to pay for downloading mp3 music songs if I find a good deal.


Thanks for the Spotify tip, didn't hear of that one.

Is is that kid of music streaming service exclusively online or do they also let you download mp3 songs?

  [email protected] 15:10 01 Jun 2011

Last.fm may be worth a try too. As for purchasing music, I personally use Amazon.

  john bunyan 18:03 01 Jun 2011

Audials 8 is a modestly priced software that records from thousands of FM radio stations. You can edit, fade etc and specift the genre, artist or track. You have to leave it running in the background and obscure music is unlikely to be on air much

  Forum Editor 18:21 01 Jun 2011

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  Strawballs 13:50 02 Jun 2011

My daughter uses Amazon they seem to cover just about anything.

  frasiersdog 15:05 03 Jun 2011

Agreeed, web streaming radios are actually a good source of mp3 music, there are tons of web radios round the internet that play music from various genres and it's practically quite impossible not to find at list a dozen of radios that play your favorite music.

Anyhow, you know, Audials is indeed also a pretty good solution to the problem, I also use this one to record and save mp3 music from web radios.

Has a huge database of web radios from any genre possible plus the recorded music is saved as individual mp3 tracks, so there's not much editing you need to do before using the music you record from web radios with Audials on multimedia devices or computer or whatever other devices.

  Jwbjnwolf 00:34 09 Jun 2011

Atube catcher is a fantastic open source piece of kit that downloads videos from YouTube and converts to the required format. It supports hundreds of video sites. It also can convert music/video for you, and it does not stop there, you can also video record what you do on your screen so now you can show people how to do something by using video tutorials designed by yourself.

Also it can search songs for you by album, song, artist, etc

It is available for windows xp upwards and alot of places highly recommend it over all of the other open source and payfor alternatives.

It is so simple. Enter ther video webpage link, choose save location and choose from a huge variety of formats.

Formats even for DS, Wii, PSP, Xbox, iPod, etc so does not even have to be for just your Pc or music device.

The only let down is that it is not available for Mac OSX or Linux even though it is open source.

  tullie 16:14 09 Jun 2011

JWARN The software you mention appears to be full of malware,the music downloads surely are illegal?

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