Where to get gtx 285?

  Thurrafork 11:43 27 Nov 2009

Hello folks
I need to get a gfx card for my new system and although ATI is the preferred brand at the moment I'd prefer to get an Nvidia. This is because I'll be doing music production (as well as some gaming) on this machine, and having researched with seasoned DAW builders, it seems that machines with Nvidia cards prove much more reliable than those with ATI (for music production).
So I'm ideally looking to get a GTX 285, but I understand Nvidia are in a bit of trouble at the moment, so there's not that many about. I'd prefer to get one by a reputable company like BFG and don't really want to spend more than £270.
Anyone got any ideas where I should be looking to find one? I've already checked Overclockers, dabs, amazon etc (the obvious places) but the few in stock are either overpriced or by a less well known company. Where should I look next?

  I am Spartacus 12:29 27 Nov 2009

I'm puzzled why a graphics card would have an impact on reliability for music production. I would have thought that a quality sound card would be the key feature.

My brother runs his own small music studio and uses a relatively low-end ATI card in his system.

I was aware that Nvidia are having problems with yield rates on their development of 'Fermi' but wasn't aware the company is in trouble.

For highish end gaming I'd be looking at an AMD 5850.

Ebay has this click here

  Thurrafork 12:43 27 Nov 2009

Thanks I am Spartacus
Yes, obviously a good soundcard/audio interface is more important. THe system I've put together is generally pretty good and should avoid any major problems as far as audio production is concerned. Im now looking at avoiding smaller issues if possible - hence the GFX card conundrum. One of the things I've heard is that if an audio interface shares an IRQ with a gfx card it can cause problems - and apparently more so with ATI cards.(Problems being things like latency spikes, audio glitches and dropouts).
If I was being sensible I would get a low end card and use the pc purely for music, but as I said I like to game too and so want a nice juicy card - hence I'm in a bit of a pickle.
Thanks for the ebay link - I'd already spotted that last night and I'm watching it avidly!
One thing I'm not sure about anymore, how do the two companies compare on the noise front? For example the 5850 compared to the GTX 285?

  I am Spartacus 13:07 27 Nov 2009

The Windows OS handles IRQ sharing and conflicts are not something I've come across since XP and later were introduced. I do have limited knowledge of problems with them but I am surprised this seems to be an issue.

I understand from reviews that AMD cards generally have noisier fans than nVidia. The VapourX coolers are supposed to be quieter and there's always the option of aftermarket cooling. The Accelero's get good reviews although they may not yet be available for the latest cards click here

With a low end card you have the option of going for one with passive cooling although a reasonable amount of airflow in the case is still required.

My brothers system uses a passively cooled graphics card and he also replaced the case fans with Xilence Red Wings as a good balance between noise and cost using either the motherboard fan controller or resisters to reduce the noise even further.

  Thurrafork 14:15 27 Nov 2009

Exactly, since the OS now assigns IRQs and there's no way to do it manually, IRQ sharing has become an ocassional issue for DAW users; it's not ubiquitous but it can happen. I guess your bro has avoided it :)
Your suggetion to get a low end fanless card is good - but I'm an idiot and I want a juicy gaming card too. Have my cake and eat it... or whatever.
I've had a look at some 5850 reviews - apparently they're quieter than a gtx 285 - oh I just don't know anymore.
Anyone else got any opinions on this?

  Hercule Marple 19:01 27 Nov 2009

Inno (reputable enough?) 285 for £264 delivered, from ebuyer.

click here

  citadel 20:13 27 Nov 2009

unless you are in a hurry it could be worth waiting as nvivia are working flat out to get their dx11 cards ready, when they come out I would expect big price drops on the old dx10 cards.

  mrwoowoo 20:23 27 Nov 2009

Not sure what you mean by trouble with Nvidia cards.
I have gone from Nvidia to ATI and back to Nvidia again due to most games seeming to be biased towards Nvidia cards. Most, or is it all? games install Physyx on your PC which can conflict with ATI cards so you end up having to un install it. Not much hassle. But still.
I have the GTX 260 which i got from Novatech (now £130.00) which comes with a free Batman Arkham Asylum game download) and arrived the next day.
I am/have been playing Batman (obviously) Terminator salvation, Borderlands, Saw, Fallout 3, Resi evil 5 and cod mw2 and this card hasn't missed a beat at high to max settings.
The GTX 280 is dearer on Novatech, but their after sales and delivery are superb.
I wouldn't have any worries about Nvidia cards if i were you. At the end of the day Nvidia and ATI both have their merits or they wouldn't still be so highly thought of by their followers.

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