Where do I stand in this instance?

  Why wont it work 10:51 08 Jul 2007

My laptop is 5 months into a 2 year warranty and one of the USB ports seems to have suffered an actual mechanical failure. (Doesn't seem to be a software problem).

However I'm not sure what to do. When I first got the lappy I doubled the RAM, so Vista would run smoother. I looked through the warranty card and it said that the warranty did not cover "any damage by service (including any software and/or hardware upgrades) performed by other parties than (authorised) Asus service centres." A quick flick through the manual revealed in big bold letters "Warning! end-user removal of the CPU or hard disk will void the warranty". So I thought I was okay in getting the laptop RAM upgraded. However I have just noticed, in smaller letters later in the manual "memory installation or upgrades must be done by an authorised retailer or else warranty will be void".

Should I even bother contacting ASUS, I'm afraid they'll just turn me away. I have put an initial enquiry through to their support however. Although a memory upgrade would not likely cause a usb port to die 5 months later..

  fillythebish 11:05 08 Jul 2007

Is it not possible to take out the ram and put your old OS back on so they dont know?

I did this once with a pc that I upgraded the graphics card and later on the pc died, I took out the card, put the old one back in and they never suspected a thing.

  Totally-braindead 11:17 08 Jul 2007

The trouble is how do you prove to them that the port died 5 months later?
I personally would do what fillythebish suggested and remove the added memory and get them to fix it.

  Why wont it work 11:21 08 Jul 2007

This is quite true, but I do not have a clue where the original sticks are. It came with 2x 512mb sticks, and it now has 2x 1gb. I suppose I could take out one of the 1gb sticks and it would appear to have the same amount then.

I mentioned it in the email I sent to them however.. which was a bit silly. My thinking was that if they did accept it, they would probably replace all the motherboard etc and my 2gb RAM might get lost, being replaced with the 1gb it's supposed to have when they mess around with it.

  Pamy 11:31 08 Jul 2007

As its the USB port I would just send it back ,or whatever you have to do for repair.

  spuds 11:48 08 Jul 2007

Think in terms that the manufacturer knows what products they purchase and use in their machines. You changing something for something else will soon be detected.With the end result that a rather unforeseen bill could come your way.

Some manufacturers and retailers allow simple upgrades, in fact they may even encourage it. But in the guarantee or warranty there are usually some reference to the replacement item is not covered, and if the replacement item as caused the fault, then any service could be chargeable. On the other hand, some manufacturers and retailers 'seal' their cases, and if the seal is broken, so is the guarantee/warranty unless of course consumer laws have president. A retailer or in some cases a companies own Terms and Conditions cannot always take your legal rights away.

You appear to have gone direct to the manufacturer, and not the retailer. This action could cause further concerns regarding your consumer rights. Always consult the retailer first, and get their written approval if they suggest sending the item back to the manufacturer or their third party repair agents.

  Why wont it work 12:04 08 Jul 2007

The retailer and ASUS themselves say to refer all hardware faults to ASUS itself- so I think I have done the right thing in this case.

I am sure that ASUS know exactly what should be in my laptop. They seem to be well known for using different parts though. My exact model is known to have 3 brands of DVD-RW and numerous ram manufacturers and configurations (1gb or 2x 512mb) - however that doesn't change anything.

As I said I have asked them, if I they so know they won't repair it under the warranty I will just have to live with it. My Readyboost drive works with it (though nothing else). I was just interested in people's thoughts on what they might say, and where I stand.

  Totally-braindead 12:06 08 Jul 2007

I did not realise the original memory was no longer in the computer. Since it isn't then all you can do is admit you installed new memory and hope that will not make any difference.
Personally I too, considering that you've only had it 5 months would have tried the retailer first.
I wish you luck, probably they will not consider this as a problem as upgrading memory is not a major job as I'm sure you realise.

  Forum Editor 16:36 08 Jul 2007

the reatailer is liable to you for any faults which develop within the first six months - the law deems the fault to have been present at the point of purchase.

No matter what the reailer says, you should return the machine to them, and let them sort out the problem. They'll return it to Asus anyway.

There's no way that you can have damaged a USB port by upgrading the RAM, and I very much doubt that Asus will concern themselves with that - it sounds to me as if the USB port has a 'dry joint'.

  Forum Editor 16:37 08 Jul 2007

I'm rushing.

  Why wont it work 16:42 08 Jul 2007

thank you for your reply. So are you saying that even though it would seem I have voided the warranty, I can still have it fixed for free, through the retailer, as it is still within 6 months?

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