Where can I get this mobile phone?

  Sparrowhawk 14:20 25 Oct 2004
  €dstowe 15:40 25 Oct 2004

Is it April the 1st?

This story is on the lines of X-ray specs and see-through-clothing film cameras.

Anyone truly desirous of wanting one of these items should reflect on their role in society.

  Urotsukidoji 16:32 25 Oct 2004


nice one, well funny

ed m8, look on this as the lighter side ;o)

  Sparrowhawk 16:43 25 Oct 2004

Very soon, the Tamagochi or the Sony dog will have some cameras for middle-aged Japanese men.

  €dstowe 18:21 25 Oct 2004

Oh, and there I was, thinking I was being humourous.

  Vague Boy 19:18 25 Oct 2004

I'm still waiting for a pair of glasses like the ones James Bond has in The World is Not Enough!

"must get them in the shops by Christmas, Q"

  TomJerry 20:21 25 Oct 2004

the device has been on sale in Japan more than 4 years

novelty will worn off quickly apart from some young boys

  Urotsukidoji 15:31 26 Oct 2004

and some not so young boys too!

ed, I know ;)

back in a bit, just off to see if my nice bankmanager will let me have the £ to buy this toy :)

  Smegs 17:06 26 Oct 2004

click here click here

"The V602SH will be available in Japan, mid 2004. Worldwide handsets with 2-megapixel optical zoom camera are expected in sometime in 2005".

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