Where can i buy a Toshiba Sat Pro L100

  Audio~~Chip 15:19 04 Jan 2009

TFT Screen from preferably a reputable source in the UK. Tried looking on Amazon and model not found, preferably new also so ebay no good.
The Laptop Model is Sat Pro L100 PSLA4E-003009EN
The hinges are about to snap and the rear of screen is also cracking bad.

  pcmags 16:13 04 Jan 2009
  Stuartli 16:32 04 Jan 2009

If this is the same model:

click here|countryGB

  catherine2008 16:35 04 Jan 2009

click here

It's reduced to £378!

  Joe R 16:50 04 Jan 2009


regarding the last link from catherine2008. You would be able to buy a far superior laptop, than the one in the link, for the same price.

  interzone55 17:46 04 Jan 2009

I think the previous posters assume you want a new laptop, not a replacement screen.

I can't find your model listed here, but if you give them a ring they may be able to help...

click here

  curofone 17:52 04 Jan 2009

have you tried ringing toshiba themselves? if they do not sell the screen i am sure they can point you in the right direction.

  Stuartli 19:17 04 Jan 2009

Toshiba has a network of official repairers - or at least it did when my daughter's Satellite's screen packed up during its three year warranty period.

The £600 bill for this and one or two other small problems was paid without quibble by Toshiba.

  Audio~~Chip 19:57 04 Jan 2009

replies so quick. But unfortuantly Only alan actually read my request. I am looking for a new Toshiba Screen for this model of laptop and I am not looking for a new Laptop.

Thanks alan14, I will be calling them monday morning, curofone, I may be ok with alan14's suggestion as there only half way down the country from me and they seem to have screens galore. Also Happy New Year M8t Stuartli, wow you were dealt with by Toshiba well, pleased to hear they sorted you out under warranty.

alan14, one thing looking at the website you point me towards getting a new screen doesn't actually mean a complete screen but thats my fault. I thought with a new screen you get a whole section including the lid itself. Obvouisly not the case.

I do really need the whole part which I will have to ask them about this, as its actually cracking and straining within the bottom hinges. So I may have t resort to a second of ebay and take the risk should your source not be able to help.

Thanks again everyone and Happy New Year, suppose I better also HNY to FE as we spoke earlier in another posting. Thanks also Alan14 for noticing what I am looking for, good eyes.

  Stuartli 20:12 04 Jan 2009

That's because we read the thread title...:-)

If you wish to continue a thread title into the body of the message you should...

...do it like this...:-))

  Audio~~Chip 20:43 04 Jan 2009

......... Only jokin.

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