Where can i buy a Pink Laptop?

  Phil01 12:45 23 Dec 2006


i know my girlfriend would love a pink laptop, yes pink, i know tell me about it. Anyway i have seen 1 or 2 but they seem alot and to be honset my girlfriend dosnt need a top of the range laptop.

she will use it for essay writing etc and i see no point in buying her a top of the range one when she will not use it for alot. It only needs to be basic for writitng on and surfing the net, using the AOL wireless we have in the house.

any places i could get one,i have looked on ebay etc.



  lisa02 14:02 23 Dec 2006

click here

A quick search on google came up with that one.

Alternatively you can get pink 'skin' transfers.

  jack 15:13 23 Dec 2006

PCW-John Lewis-Argos

  Kate B 19:07 23 Dec 2006

*bangs head on desk* click here

  Phil01 20:16 23 Dec 2006

its very simple Kate B.

My girlfriend is 28 and loves girly stuff,and all things pink, on the other hand she is not into technology at all. she has just started uni and a laptop would come in handy, the only reason she wants a laptop is for uni or if she had a job that needed it as she wants to be a teacher so it would probaly b useful then.

if they didnt do pink laptops she would have a so called "normal" black one, is the fact she likes pink socially constructed because she is a girl? its ofcourse possiable, was this built into her sub-consious as she played with dolls at a young age, who knows.

instead of getting into the whys, and whos, lets look at this at for what it is, 1. she likes Pink, 2. she Needs (not wants) needs a laptop. 3. she saw a pink laptop and would prefer that to a black one.

hope your head feels ok ;)

  Phil01 20:18 23 Dec 2006

back to e matter, thankyou for the links, i should of listed the sites i have already been to, i was curious to any i had missed, thankyou agin for the links.


  Kate B 20:29 23 Dec 2006

I like pink, too, but I dislike the crass marketing view that to sell stuff to women it has to be pink - that's why I wrote that piece. It assumes that women are so dense and stupid that the only thing that appeals to us is the colour and that we're not capable of making rational decisions based on spec, value and functionality.

My head is recovering ;)

  Phil01 20:42 23 Dec 2006

i feel that you feel as if women ar being pegged into a hole, in some respec i see yur point, but i see it as them just trying to get the extra pennys more than anything.

for this point i use the new range of irons and other such items that are usally sold to womn or for womens use (not my view ass all,i do alot of the ironing for me and her 2 girls 6 & 7 as she hates it).

they have started to bring out big bulky Man like irons. so we feel like a man when we iron GRRRRRRRRR

i was suprised they did this coz how can a man iron and watch tv and look after 2 girls around the house, we can not multi, mulity - too tee,mulit-taskyyyy, cant even spell it ;).

  lisa02 20:59 23 Dec 2006

Kate B lighten up you're reading too much into it.

If some like aesthetics more than feature richness that's their look out and it's their cash.

The manufacturers would NOT launch products in pink if there was no demand. So according to you if someone buys a pink gadget they are dense for doing so?

Personally I'll buy whatever I like in terms of (in no particular order) size, colour, value, design and features. If the manufacturer launches a particular colour I like then I'll have it.

I bought a w810i in black though I wanted the white version.

  lisa02 21:02 23 Dec 2006

I just bought my niece a fashionable, dinky sized pink mp3 player too. When choosing I also looked at the spec.

  ajm 21:51 23 Dec 2006

PCW world sell about 3 models in Pink: Sony, Samsung and Advent

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