Where can i buy cheap glossy photo paper 200gsm +

  KARINA 08:59 07 Jun 2003

I am looking to buy glossy photo paper .........everywhere i look it seems so expensive ...... i am looking to buy anything over 200 gsm ......... any suggestions?

  -pops- 09:25 07 Jun 2003

What you are asking is not really viable. I often say that cheap means nasty. In the case of photo paper, this applies even more so. Cheap photo paper is likely to be rubbish photo paper. I suggest you buy a decent branded product, preferably by the same manufacturer as your printer (assuming you are using genuine inks).

Try click here or click here which are based in the Channel Islands with a different tax system.


  Bebee 09:27 07 Jun 2003

I have been using click here and the prices are very good. They had a good offer on the top quality Fuji paper with 20 sheets free. P&P 95p. Delivery is not fast and I have to pounce on our postman to stop him ramming through the letterbox. They have a good range at a variety of prices.

I also check our local Staples for offers/reduced packs when I am passing.

7dayshop are also good on original ink cartridges, which I use with my photo printer.

  Bebee 09:30 07 Jun 2003

Must have posted the same time as -pops-. I agree with the quality point, which is why I look for the best price on quality paper. I have also bought Canon branded paper from 7dayshop.

The cheaper paper tends to be below 200gsm. I have use some to experiment with the printer, but the quality is significantly lower.

  KARINA 09:48 07 Jun 2003

Brain ........ I am using compatible inks from choice stationery.......they are 100% guarateed....

  BrianW 09:57 07 Jun 2003

It may be worth trying a range of different papers until you find the best price / quality balance. As both Bebee and Pops are saying, cheap all too often equals nasty.

Staples is definitely worth a try as are PCW and Jessops. (I think that Staples provide "Test" sheets, seem to remember seeing some at my local store last week).

Also consider the duarability of the print - if relevant to you. With the correct combination of inks and paper it is now possible to get non / low fade results lasting for years.

It very much depends on your need, there is no point paying too high a price for test prints etc. On the other hand, if you are selling your output or need it for archive purposes then get the best you can afford that matches your printer and your inks.

  KARINA 10:48 07 Jun 2003

Thanks guys for all your help......you have saved me a lot of leg work...........i have bought fuji multijet premium glossy (50 sheets plus 20 free) of the a4 270gsm paper for £16.95.........and also the Hama ProCut Paper Trimmer (just what i needed)........

  Coaster3 11:03 07 Jun 2003

You will almost certainly find that using compatable ink, rather than the manufacturer's own, will lower the quality of your prints.

  Spencus 11:56 07 Jun 2003

CompuColor Foto Pro Photopaper 270g Glossy/Satin produces very good results on photo printers,and competitively priced,(7Dayshop) best when printers own ink is used if you want quality lasting prints

  Joe McG 20:41 07 Jun 2003


210gsm A4 photo glossy paper £18.99 for 50 sheets, and free delivery.

I use only this paper, and have found no difference in quality, compared to Epson's own paper. ( I use an Epson 830 ).

click here

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