Where to buy PC components

  mb1980y 08:35 20 Aug 2010


I'm looking into buying components to build a pc and I'm after some general idea what places are good to buy from.

click here

Does anyone know what there returns are like if you have faulty parts etc ?

Just after some general feedback before I part with a large amount of cash. Plus this way I can get a more current view on what people actually think.


  onthelimit 09:06 20 Aug 2010

Also consider Dabs and Maplins.

  Proclaimer 09:21 20 Aug 2010

I have sent two items back to Overclockers for replacement, no problems at all. All done within 10 days from first contact to delivery of replacements.

  Simsy 11:36 20 Aug 2010

and am happy with...
eBuyer, (despite a thread I've just started about them!),

Amazon, (who are brilliant with returns),

cclcomputers.com, who have a good, helpful and friendly customer service, (though I've never had to return anything to them so can't comment on that aspect).

Good luck,



  AL47 21:57 20 Aug 2010

ive used


i just use who comes out cheapest

  howard64 15:47 21 Aug 2010

as AL47 says 'just use who comes out cheapest' but make sure you are comparing like with like including vat and delivery. Often someone will have a special offer which is worth taking advantage of. Moneysavingexpert has a way of getting the cheapest deals from Amazon who I always check before ordering from elsewhere.

  jakimo 18:45 21 Aug 2010

In general your not likely to get the best after sales service when buying the cheapest,some are only interested in getting your order,your problems are just that...your problem not theres

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