Where to buy PC?

  Dolg 13:40 29 Sep 2005

Hey all,

I'm looking for some help if possible. I'm about to buy a new games machine and have £1500-£2000 burning a hole in my pocket.

My problem is who to buy it from. So far I have three companies in mind,

Mesh - (click here)

A cube or an Alienware.

I really like the look of the Mesh PC and it's had brilliant write ups. However all I keep on reading is horror stories from buying from Mesh and it's swaying me into using one of the other two companies.

Now I know you only hear from the complainers etc but its an awful lot of money and I want to be totally sure it's going to the right place on the right maching and any help/recommendations would be appreciated :)

  pj123 14:05 29 Sep 2005

Yes, you're right, you do only hear from complainers. That's because every satisfied customer just gets on with their life.

Have a look at this really personal, build it to your liking website. I have to state an interest here. This is a friend who has one person as permanent staff building computers, but asks me for help if he has too many orders.

click here

  wags 14:58 29 Sep 2005

If you like the look of the Mesh, which has good reviews, then I'd say buy it (with a credit card).The odds are very much in your favour that the PC will work straight out of the box. My own experience of aftersales has been positive and up until this year, when I started building my own PCs, I always bought Mesh and am one of the silent majority referred to by pj123.

  Ceri.E 17:10 29 Sep 2005

The following is abstracted from another thread on this site.


I bought a Cube Leo ST3 - arriving tomorrow.
I wanted to choose our own screen and speakers.

To the base Leo at £1499 I added:

2 Gigs of RAM @ £199
Windows XP Pro @ £110
Hiper psu @ £ 65
2 years warranty @ £ 69
Wireless router @ £ 98

That way I get the GeForce 7800 and might be lucky enough to be able to clock the 4400+ X2 like a 4800+ X2.


Cube just rang me and told me that it had tested OK and is set for delivery tomorrow, giving time, Interlink reference and Interlink telephone no.
They display all the signs of a customer-orintated company.

The dual-core chips are maybe not optimum for gaming but my principal software is optimised for dual-core, so it's best for me..


  wee eddie 17:48 29 Sep 2005

And I was very satisfied with what they did for me.

click here

However, I haven't dealt with them for a couple of years or more. Their survival in a competitive market must say something for their product.

  Knikerbeine 00:28 30 Sep 2005

Can recommend these click here and Kustom pc's "from wee eddie's link" are highly rated.

Have a look here click here for some idea of the company ratings.

Must say I like the look of the Mesh system.

  AVOCA 12:23 30 Sep 2005

I had 2 CPU Towers off Mesh. Neither was set up properly and after 3 months with no working computer I am eventuallly getting a full refund.
PS No discs & games worked with the Microsoft Windows XP 64 Operating System

  ade.h 18:01 30 Sep 2005

I just self-build and upgrade these days, but the last off-the-peg PC that I purchased was a Mesh, six years ago. Its aftersales service was shockingly bad, though the build was mostly of satisfactory quality. I haven't actually met anyone who's been really happy with the company, but they are out there, I'm sure. Alienware PCs are a bit more costly but tend to be highly rated. With your budget, you ought to go for custom or BYO.

  Kate B 22:35 01 Oct 2005

My gaming rig was built by click here - a boutique company in Canada. Bit of a wait and don't forget to factor in the Customs duty but it's a wonderful machine that hasn't crashed once since I got in June. Terrific customer service, too - on the day of the London bombs in July I had an email from them checking in that I was OK. You won't get that from Alienware!

I know one person with an Alienware and she says her computer is incredibly noisy.

  didleydude 12:54 02 Oct 2005

see threads below..

click here


click here

  grumpygramp 14:26 02 Oct 2005

Have you tried your LOCAL computer shop . two years ago I could not make up my mind where to buy .I visited my local shop he asked what I wanted gave me a price (which incidently was £10 dearer than a similer priced on from the big boys). It took him 2 days to build. He delivered it and stayed an hour so I knew what everything was . The great thing is if ever anything does go wrong the shops there and handy .

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