where to buy new PC

  peg leg 14:23 24 Dec 2004

I want to buy a new PC in 2005 and at one time I was pretty sure of what course of action i was going to take.
I would buy online from a big name such as Dell or mesh but...having read such bad reports regarding poor service and difficulty getting support when things go wrong I am now very undecided what to do!
Would it be safer to buy from my local PC World which is just up the road,as in the event of a problem I can go in and speak to someone face to face?
I am,as I'm sure you can tell,not a computer wiz kid,I just want a reliable system!

  peg leg 14:29 24 Dec 2004

Another thing I forgot to ask..
this graphic card business, is it better to buy a PC with a PCI express slot or is AGP still ok?
Sorry to be such a fool but I am trying!

  €dstowe 14:36 24 Dec 2004

Check out click here

  Charence 15:04 24 Dec 2004

I think that computers from PC World are quite expensive compared to ones you can get from places like Dell or other online stores such as Savastore. (PC World and other high St stores do however have some good bargains at times)

In my opinion it doesn't matter if your computer says Sony/HP on it, because the parts inside will be pretty much they same if the spec is same. Its better to get a PC with AGP slot for graphics and its best to avoid onboard graphics because you can't upgrade it. (if you can please do tell how!)

I think the most important thing is CUSTOMER SERVICE, you don't want to be phoning a £1/min phone line and be redirected to every single department, you want a good support service you can easily contact by Phone/E-mail/etc. that respond to you quickly.

Finally, some recommendations: Dell have good customer service, their PCs are quite cheap. I can't comment on MESH because I've not dealt with them before. Savastore have some very cheap PCs (Aries ones), great customer service. I would strongly recommend buying one from Savastore. click here

EBuyer are also quite good but they're slightly more expensive.


  Charence 15:08 24 Dec 2004

if you're wanting to buy a Desktop PC, extended warranty isn't that important because you can usually buy spare parts cheaper than you paid for the warranty. But if you're buying a laptop be cautious because getting spare parts for them is not as easy!


  bruno 15:31 24 Dec 2004

I have always found that if you have a local shop who has been recommended to you, or has a good reputation, you can always walk in with a faulty computer and talk to the man who made it.Not that much dearer and they mostly know what they are talking about.

  TomJerry 16:12 24 Dec 2004

every retailer cut costs, so good customer service is alway no existence,

The best service is DIY: get a PC with long warrenty, and send the stuff back under warrenty when anything gone wrong

  georgemac 16:22 24 Dec 2004

I thought pci express was quicker and better than AGP? (and more expensive)

Dell - systems look good - before they were not too upgradeable as dell used a lot of non standard components - my mate has just got a 8400 desktop - looks and performs excellently

Mesh - use good quality components - for every bad experience there are probably 99 you will never hear about.

I would not hesitate to buy Dell or Mesh

  peg leg 16:55 24 Dec 2004

Thanks for all your replies guys!!
peg leg

  Charence 18:58 24 Dec 2004

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