where to buy asus netbook

  katedi 18:37 12 Apr 2011

hi All, I want to buy an asus netbook - either the 1015pem (in red or blue) or the 1018p in white. I want 2xusb3.0 ports, the matte screen and bluetooth3. If it is the 1015pem, i would like the 63w battery. I have contacted asustek about where to buy, with no luck. Lots of places advertise these, but either say 3xhighspeed usb (which could be usb2 or 3, or both, or provide half the info. I have phoned, and been to see several, and either the staff cannot find out whether it has the bits I want, or the ones they have dont have them. The price is varied but does not seem to link to the number of "new" features. Can anyone recommend places to buy where I can be assured of getting the spec I want, and not fobbed off with - "you dont need usb3, or the glossy screen is fine...". I have decided what I want, Asus supply these, so where can I buy them? tks kate

  dororof 19:57 21 Apr 2011

http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/ASUSEeePCNetbooks/cat.as Give these people a try. I've never used them so do not know their reputation.

  dororof 20:06 21 Apr 2011
  canarieslover 09:16 22 Apr 2011

I was in Comet last week and I almost bought the 1015 in blue. The only difference was it had the gloss screen instead of matt. The reason I didn't buy was that the only one they had was on show and had signs of being possibly abused by 'tyre kickers'. The offer of 5% off the asking price was not enough to tempt me to take a used machine. When the assistant checked for stock elsewhere there was a red block on the stock chart which indicated that they would not be getting any more stock in.

  chub_tor 20:38 22 Apr 2011

Amazon Click here

  proudfoot 12:32 23 Apr 2011

Before you decide on a particular netbook, check to see how much RAM it has in the spec. I bought a Samsung NF210 I like the keyboard and the matt screen, but it is a bit sluggish with the 1GB of RAM when opening software etc. I have increased the size of the Pagefile which has improved it a bit and I am going to buy a 2GB stick of RAM.

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