Where to buy?

  BB28 14:33 13 May 2011

Hey everyone!

I'm looking to buy a new PC. The general spec i'm after is:

Intel i7 2600 3.4Ghz -

600W PSU -

ASUS P8P67 Motherboard -

nVidia GTX 560 Ti -

8Gb Ram

Now I'm completely lost at were to get this build from. I've heard good things from Novatech and they actually do a PC similar to this at £879, but if I throw this together on DinoPC it's around £740 and PCspecialist is around £780 (though I find their cases nasty and I'm a little wary of getting a no brand PSU)

If anyone can steer me towards a good place to look or give me some feedback on these deals that would be great!


  Flak999 18:20 13 May 2011

Hi there, if you take a look at this thread you will see that I have recently been in the same position. You will see from the interaction that I had with Cougar extreme, that you can fall at the first hurdle when it comes to trying to find a company that offers good customer service.

To be fair to them Cougar did eventually contact me with regard to my enquiry and I am prepared to believe that we had an unfortunate breakdown in communication during my attempt to order a machine from them.

I eventually ordered my machine from wired2fire and the service I received from them with regard to my enquiry and order was first rate. I cannot speak for the machine itself as yet, as I only ordered it yesterday, but for what it's worth I suggest you speak to them and let them give you a quote.

  jim365 11:17 16 May 2011

I think ebuyer are pretty good. The url is Ebuyer

  BB28 13:57 16 May 2011

Thanks guys.

I sent Wired2Fire an email the other day and just got a quote back, the above setup just with less ram, more cooling for £950. Found a place locally that is a fair bit cheaper (and if the machine has any hiccups I can take it in same day) so I'm going to have a chat with them. Thanks for the help though guys :)

  richardcockbain 23:56 26 May 2011

Looking for something similar and likely I will be buying from PC Specialist; http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/

  HXP 00:13 29 May 2011

I used chillblast - may be worth a ring


They built me a gaming machine 18 months ago and it is still going strong playing Crysis 2

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