Where is the best place to buy a computer

  colfox 19:01 08 Sep 2005

Two years ago, as a reward for doing well in his GCSEs, I bought my son a Multivision laptop for about £1k thinking it would last him through A levels and University and beyond. I chose the Multivision mainly by it's performance and recommendation by this magazine. Well 2 years down the line and the laptop has stopped working because of a problem with the motherboard. Now Multivision have gone bust there seems no where to get a new one and even if you could it would cost about £300 and £x more to fix (the whole laptop has to be dismantled and rebuilt). The best buy was not so much of a best buy after all. My son is now about to start at Uni and we are looking for a £500 PC. I'm not impressed by what I hear of after sales service from any supplier - particularly the internet only ones like Dell and Watford. If I had more time and expertise I'd build one myself but I haven't. We are now looking at a retailer - PC World or Comet - at least if it goes wrong you can walk into the shop and thump the counter. Has anyone got any better advice or any good suggestions for a particular PC that does the basics - my son is more into building web pages/downloading music than gaming so the graphics side is not too important.


Col F

  Pooke 19:20 08 Sep 2005

It's a simple matter of the unhappy customer being the loudest, so you never really hear when a supplier performs above and beyond the call of duty.

If you know the spec you want just choose the best priced place....

If you're in Northern Ireland I recommend mplex, got my last computer from them, excellent company!

Im having trouble myself choosing a system, don't know which spec or whatever to get, but that's in another thread in the helproom.


  Jackcoms 20:45 08 Sep 2005

"Where is the best place to buy a computer"


I wasn't aware that there was anywhere else. ;-)

  colfox 21:03 08 Sep 2005

I thought Dell was good until I typed "Dell nightmare" into a search engine.


  Jackcoms 21:27 08 Sep 2005

Now try typing Time/Tiny nightmare.

Get my drift?

  wjrt 22:53 08 Sep 2005

click here

seems reasonable

  wjrt 22:56 08 Sep 2005

go to home page


Toshiba sat pro L10

  doggon 23:23 08 Sep 2005

Read this post. For Laptops and Desktops with peace of mind.

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  spuds 00:55 09 Sep 2005

I think perhaps you have answered your own question. PC World have a reasonable range with instant collection from store. The other benefit would perhaps be aftersales service, with the warranty and advice being available in all PCW stores.

  Newuser3142 15:15 09 Sep 2005

Anyone dealt with pcspecialist.co.uk ?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:21 09 Sep 2005

pcspecialist.co.uk seem to produce good machines but they do not accept credit cards - without a credit card you have almost no protection.

CC companies do not give the same protection for purchases made with a cheque.

click here

Credit Cards

We do not accept credit card payments because of the high risk of CNP (Cardholder Not Present) fraud related to online sales. However, we fully understand and agree that paying a large amount of money over the internet with no credit card protection can be very risky as online fraud is very high. If you are worried about purchasing from our company without the protection of paying by credit card, there is an amicable solution that suits both the buyer (yourself) and the merchant (us). You can ask your credit card issuer to provide you with a cheque to post to us, which will allow us the security of knowing that you are a genuine customer, and you will have the same level of security as you would have if you were paying by credit card. For further information about this safe method of payment, please contact your credit card provider.

Alternatively, you can buy a computer system from us on finance, which will allow you to pay a 10% deposit on your credit card and the remaining amount on a finance package. At present we offer up to 9 months no interest finance packages, which, providing you pay the remaining balance off over the agreed period, will have no interest chargeable. You can therefore receive a computer from us before having to pay the 90% remaining balance. To see further finance information and examples, please click here.

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