Where in 2004?

  Mysticnas 16:00 12 Jan 2003
  Mysticnas 16:00 12 Jan 2003


Not really a help room Q but i didn't know where else to post it.

Where do you think we'll be this time next year, in terms of technology.

Just a thought that many of us ponder over, but lets put it down. See if our thoughts turn into reality.

I think, or hope rather, that there will be a revolutionary breakthrough in IT by the end of this year. Something much much better than whats around now. And not just a step up but a giant leap in comparison to what we've experiance so far.

May processors will have increased in performance 10Fold??? Maybe there'll be more human interactivity?

I'm waiting for the time when we don't need desktop, mobile computers or machines.

What do you think about inplants? Brain inplants that is! What if one day we could control things by thought. ermm let me explain.

You're say down on a train, bored, you look across over to your mate and put on some trendy glasses and played a game controling the game via thought. The sound and graphics would be intense! It's all controlled by the most powerful computer known to man, the brain!

Total immersion, not graphics like we know today, but as if it were real, not the flimsy force feedback we have now, but real sensations, like feeling a kick/punch if playing a beat 'em up, or the real fear of going into an 'S-bend' at 200Mph! Stomach churning sensations. Basically just like doing the real thing, but without the danger! :o)

Maybe it'd lower crime rates? people wouldn't have to go and do things just for thrill or it? or summat.... i dunno... just a thought...

If we could only harness the 80% of the brain that we don't use! hmmm...

  spuds 16:26 12 Jan 2003

All very scary to me!!

  Mysticnas 16:56 12 Jan 2003

not controlling each others minds but controling your own?

  AMD 4 ever 18:22 12 Jan 2003

I'd like to see moe of a interaction too, perhaps like the virtual reality headsets. Graphics so real that you feel immersed into the game like a movie or dvd.

19" TFT at around £150.00.

a dvd realtime interaction on a watch, where you can, save data etc by voice rec, image downloads,movies etc all on a watch, download to your pc at the end ofthe conference.

  astral traveller 18:23 12 Jan 2003

...who's been on the "waccy baccy" then?

  Mysticnas 18:30 12 Jan 2003

heheh... not meeee!!!

never ever touched it!!!!

  AMD 4 ever 18:36 12 Jan 2003

Sunday's are a time for reflection and optimism!

  Mysticnas 18:44 12 Jan 2003


  Taran 18:48 12 Jan 2003

Rather than massive leaps I think we'll see more of the 64 bit processors and faster system BUS speeds to allow everything to scoot along as nature intended; there has been too much investment so far to let them (64 bit CPUs) fall by the wayside. I believe the adverts will try and persuade us that 64 bit is the way to go for the latest generation of power desktops despite the fact that we'll have to wait some time for supporting software.

CPU speeds will increase but who will really care since they are already so fast your tasks are performed before you even click your mouse.

I really don't think we are in for too many eye openers this year. The next generation of MS Office will enjoy its usual mix of praise and damning reviews (although I rather like what I've seen so far) and we'll all hold our breath in anticipation of the new Windows platform.

There will be some killer virus releases that will cause mayhem and the usual post panic debates over who, where and why in terms of point of origin and amount of damage caused.

More politicians will try to be seen to attempt to regulate the Internet (it wins votes from the gullible) and more Internet porn (especially child porn) will be at the root of the matter.

I'm going to stop there. I've been so Nostradamus I've almost turned maudlin. Very depressing...

We'll see...

  Forum Editor 19:02 12 Jan 2003

1. Computers will be faster

2. There'll be a new version of Microsoft Office

3. Hard drives will get bigger

4. We'll still be discussing P2P sites

5. Someone will post a thread asking where we'll be at this time in 2005

6. I'll be as charming as ever, and never be irritable with anyone.

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