When more is less!

  jack 17:20 15 Aug 2004

In need of xtra HDD capacity I decided to get my self an external - wond up getting instead a caddy and a large HDD.
The HDD is promoted as 200Gb.
When installed the sys said 186 Gb available.
Whoa I've diddled I thought
E-mail to Vendor, etc.,
Then I was poking around the makers Website -Seagate-and there in the spec list was the 200 Gb drive -delivering 186 Gb
Why call it a A 200 then I thought
Then I realized that perhaps in comutery a Mega
[1000] is actually 1024, because of the doubling process of computer speak -8-16-32-64-128-256-1024
Perhaps thats the answer, although my attempt at proving it by math has failed .
Neverthe less why call something what it aint?
but as much

  spikeychris 17:30 15 Aug 2004

click here

200/1.024^3 = 186gb

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