When is left thier service mean i have left.

  apollogeemark 00:25 21 Mar 2004


The story is I left a ISP, I migrated, I ask for the CBUK and they provided this.
I gave it to the new ISP and they connected me.

No problems with that.
But the old provider say that if you close your acc you have to give 1 months notice which is fine.
But if your migrating and the new provider says it will be in the next 4 weeks sometime then obviously you cant give notice to the old provider.
So does my acc end with the service im leaving on the day im connected to the new one, provided the day is sometime between the last day i paid and the date my next payment would have been collected if i had staid with them.

I can understand them taking any remainder that was due to run after they switched up till the payment run out etc.

I ask because my old ISP seems to think i should still be paying till Monday even though i was no longer with them since the 6th of this month.


  Forum Editor 00:47 21 Mar 2004

with your previous ISP say that you must give one month's notice of termination then you must, and your liability to pay for that month doesn't end if you transfer to another ISP before the expiration of the notice period. It isn't the first ISP's fault that you didn't have an exact date for the changeover.

  Stuartli 08:50 21 Mar 2004

It could also be that you pay for your previous month's use rather than the month to come - this is the way, for instance, that Tiscali bills its subscribers; it's only just altered the system slightly so that it works on calendar month payments.

  apollogeemark 17:27 21 Mar 2004

Forum Editor.

The point is that I paid in advance for the service, from the 18th of Feb to i assume the 17th of March, and could not give notice because i didn’t know myself.

So if i am exchanged on say the 6th of March then surely i should only at the most be charged up to the end of that months payment, 17th March.

So why am i told that they will be charging, for a service i could not access from the 5th with them, till the 23 of March which is going into the next months payment. IE I’ve paid till the 18th of March so why charge as if im using the service from 18th March onwards.


  Looking over IT 17:35 21 Mar 2004

I would assume that if you have asked for the transfer code then they will take that as starting your termination period, at least thats how it works when you move your mobile number between operators, Im sure someone will correct me if Im wrong

  Forum Editor 18:30 21 Mar 2004

applies from the date you made it. Unless you actually give notice of termination you'll continue to pay, regardless of whether you transfer to another ISP.

The previous ISP isn't concerned with your transfer date - that's got nothing to do with them - they'll work by the contract, and they'll stop collecting money at one month's notice. It looks as if they're charging you because they didn't receive any notice of termination from you - did you send them one?

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