When does BBC/ITV Freesat come out?

  07patty 16:39 09 Feb 2008

The website lists Spring 2008. (click here) Does anybody know what month or week or day?

I am planning to switch to this from what i have got at the moment ( Freesat from Sky), as you will be able to recive High-Def signals. The only thing i will have to change will be the box as the satellite is already pointing in the right direction.


  Stuartli 17:22 09 Feb 2008
  Stuartli 17:23 09 Feb 2008

Interestingly, my Twinhan Freeview PCI Digital+Analogue TV card is high definition compatible...:-)

  al7478 23:33 09 Feb 2008

who are all thoses questions for?

this'll just lead to a lot more confusion imo. im on sky's cheapest tv packeage, have no interest in hd. but by then ill have one of those lcd/plasma thingies in all probability. So ill start to think "i might aswell". So i could add freeview, which id consider if itd still be free with hd. but then theres the question of exactly what theyll show in hd. on the other hand, sky may significantly increase hd content and drop prices for hd, so id stay with them in that instance.

sorry for the rather unfocused rant, but my view is that theres still far too much to be established, at best and, at worst, its all just an excuse to increase advertising and sell the aforementioned telly's, which are rubbish with standard def pictures, unless you spend a lot, and even then many would say theyre under par.

  dms05 09:19 10 Feb 2008

One major problem is the quality of the HD receivers. The Pace mentioned by Beta has a dreadful reputation for usability and reliability. The Sky+ HD receivers aren't trouble free either. Even the installer fitting my son's said 'report a fault when it's 10 months old and get a new one'.

The comment that SD on large TV's is rubbish is quite simply untrue. I'd argue that good quality SD on a 42" screen is so good you don't need to go to HD when viewing from a distance. I'm not saying HD hasn't better resolution, I'm saying SD is very watchable.

Then what about buying 1080i or 720p specified TV's?

Terrestrial Freeview HD is an unknown quantity. Even the standard for it's transmission is not certain so beware of HD ready claims.

As always the answer is 'go and look at a supplier with good demo facilities'. You can then see the difference and that's what counts.

  Stuartli 11:36 10 Feb 2008

By gum, there's some deep felt cynicism being expressed...:-)

Regarding large LCD and plasma TVs. Yes, you do get excellent display quality in standard mode but, in high definition, the difference is very readily appreciated especially on 42 and 50in models.

Just watch a live football match in HD and marvel at the extra detail that is revealed.

  al7478 19:26 10 Feb 2008

No, my claim about rubbish standard def picture on lcd and plasma tvs is not "simply untrue". What it is is a matter of opinion. and, imo again, the bigger the screen, the further away you have to sit to avoid seeing all the imperfections in a standard def picture.

i briefly had a 32" panasonic lcd, and from about 3 meters away it was ok (but not quite as crisp as a good crt picture). Any closer tho, and the imperfections were aparent.

  Stuartli 20:01 10 Feb 2008

I see, several times a week, both standard and high definition displays on two 32in and one 50in Panasonic TVs.

In standard mode form all three have first class displaysm but the high definition pictures are brilliant.

  oresome 20:15 10 Feb 2008

If a large screen plasma or lcd screen is capable of showing a first class SD picture, I've not seen it.

The HD pictures are stunning however and I would be tempted to buy one once there is free HD content to watch.

  anskyber 20:20 10 Feb 2008

No one knows, in answer to your question and of course Spring can last a long time, even into June if you watch the BBC Springwatch.

The CRT and LCD debate is a bit like comparing apples and pears. Most CRTs are small screens with 32inch being very much at the top end. Also 32inch CRTs usually have a visible screen of 31inches, sometimes less.

A 32inch plasma or LCD usually has a visible screen of 32inches. A fair comparison would be say a 28inch CRT with a 26 inch plasma/LCD, the results would show little if any difference assuming both were set up correctly and are of similar standard/quality.

I completely agree with Stuartli on this point, particularly relating to HD tv, it is quite stunning and the real purpose of larger plat panel. I have run Sky HD on my 40inch panel and the picture is truly remarkable. No CRT could even come close to the quality of flat panel HD.

  al7478 20:35 10 Feb 2008

i have to agree with oresome.

i also dont find hd that great, but i guess thats a personal "yes, it may be good, but do i want to watch anything thats likely to benefit from it, and does it justify the money?" matter.

anskyber - i agree with the apples/pears comparison, but only in the sense that the "apples" do their job (showing standard def tv, which is still what most folk use their telly for) perfectly well, and the "pears" are inferior in their execution of that function.

i also have to disagree with your ideas on comparing 26" lcds with 28" plasmas/lcds, and its a proposition ive never come across before. That doesnt make it wrong, my opinion just differs.

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