What's the Warrenty (dabs) on my ATI 5970?

  KorgY 14:45 31 Jul 2010


I'm selling a my GFX card today (ATI 5970 Sapphire) But can't seem to find the warrenty for my item on their website (Dabs)I'ts a year of course i should imagine, but cant find more info - or telephone numbers.



  Clapton is God 17:34 31 Jul 2010

As you say, it's a year unless you have proof of purchase for an extended warranty.

  Why wont it work 19:48 31 Jul 2010

So far as I know, all Sapphire graphics cards come with a 2 year warranty, and the Sapphire website seems to agree! click here

  yellowbird 15:46 02 Aug 2010

You normally have a years warranty with your supplier and a two year warranty with the manufacturer.

  KorgY 21:23 03 Aug 2010


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