What's the regulator body for Dell please?

  redleaves 18:51 18 Jan 2008

Does anybody know who are the official regulator body for Dell (computer market or Internet sites)? Is it Consumer Direct?

  Forum Editor 18:58 18 Jan 2008

but never mind, here's the answer to your question:

There's no 'official' regulating body for Dell, or for any other computer manufacturer - they are consumer electronics retailers, and are not like telecoms or insurance companies.

Like all retailers of goods and services, Dell is obliged to conform to the requirements of all current consumer-protection legislation. If you feel that the company has failed to do this in some way you can insist on compliance, but if you still get no satisfaction you'll need to take personal action - either through a small claims court procedure, or by asking your local Trading Standards office to intervene. Consumer direct is there to offer advice only, they will not take any action on your behalf.

We can also offer advice with specific problems, but you'll need to provide us with details.

  redleaves 19:16 18 Jan 2008

Thanks. Well, recently I ordered a laptop from them on 30th Dec. Got an estimated delivery date as 18th Jan and money was taken out from my credit card 3 days later, right after the customer service told me payment would not be taken out before the courier delivers the product.

Anyway patiently waited for almost 3 weeks. 2 days before the estimated delivery date, the online status was still "pre-production", thought building a computer and delivering it in 2 days is quite unlikely. Therefore emailed them and got a reply to reasure the delivery date and also confirmation that it's actually "IN-production". Next day I refreshed the online status page, the status was still "pre-production" while wow, delivery date was changed to 25th Feb.

Surprised and called them again. A lady with Indian accent was reciting "popular model, high demand" bla bla bla, I asked her why the information they provided was never consistent. She couldn't answer. Then I requested to talk to her supervisor. She refused and asked for my phone number (shouldn't that be in the system already?) and promised her supervisor would call me back. Then nothing happened again.

Emailed them a few times about the payment confusion and unreasonable delivery time for a product that depreciating so quickly. They avoided answering any questions directly and only repeating high demand, popular bla bla. They did explain with debit card they charge within 5 days, with credit card they charge within 21 days, well, mine was taken out in 3 days from credit card, this information is not helping. The email said if I find it unacceptable, I can cancel it.

I guess complaining is not working on them any more. They must be used to it already. Nothing they said or wrote was credible and reliable.

A colleague of mine also had exactly same experience. I'm wondering if they do this to 1000 people, just by keeping the money in the bank they probably can get a significant amount of interest even.

Not really want to just cancel it and let it go after wasting so much time and frustrations.

  setecio 19:54 18 Jan 2008

From Dell's T&Cs

4.2 Payment shall be made before supply of Product or Service. Dell may suspend delivery of Product or Service until full payment is received. If Dell has delivered Product &/or Services & the Product &/or Services remain neither paid for nor made available for collection when reasonably demanded then Dell may recover the outstanding payment &/or Product & the recovery costs are to be paid by the Consumer.

5.4 Delivery will take place less than 30 days after the date of Order unless specifically otherwise agreed at the time of making the Order.
5.5 If the estimated delivery date cannot be met and the revised delivery date will exceed 30 days from the original date of order then Consumer will be contacted & advised of a proposed new date for delivery. If Consumer refuses the revised delivery date and delivery is not made within 30 days from the original date of order or prior to the specifically agreed delivery date if applicable, then Consumer may cancel the order without charge & obtain a full refund.

Taken from
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