What's a really good monitor sub £160??

  symphony 14:06 03 Jan 2008

Having ordered my new PC what's a really good monitor (17" minimum) for less than 160 pounds??
For instance, current models by Samsung and LG are said to be good.
Any thoughts or experiences please on any model/manufacturer/supplier???

  Kemistri 14:39 03 Jan 2008

There are LOTS. Just look on Ebuyer at all the 5-star rated products and you'll see what I mean. I have a Samsung 940BW, which was c.£140 a few months ago. It's pretty good considering that I compare it to an Eizo! The Phillips monitors are highly rated by buyers and magazine reviewers, and they are worth a look. The LGs are also mostly very well received.

  wjrt 23:04 03 Jan 2008

for a tiny bit more
click here
very good

  symphony 17:41 04 Jan 2008

Thanks folks. Difficult to know what to go for without actually seeing the quality of the picture. I'm going to have to get myself off to some shops and do some comparisons.

  Kemistri 18:04 04 Jan 2008

That's a good idea in principal, but just be aware that the store staff may not have done a good job of optimising each display. Many perfectly good displays - my Samsung included - look a bit off out of the box until some tweaking is done.

  SANTOS7 19:38 04 Jan 2008

click here

I bought second one down a few months ago, its a superb piece of kit...

  symphony 18:48 05 Jan 2008

Thanks for the great response folks. This is a big buying decision. Almost as difficult as deciding on a particular computer!

  100andthirty 19:39 05 Jan 2008

these days when I go into any computer store and look at monitors at any price point it's usually difficult to separate them - much more so than for CRTs. However the premium ones do show up as top nothc - but you're talking about monitors costing hundreds.

I paid £109 for a 19" widescreen Viewsonic and was blown away by the picture compared with the CRT it replaced (and, for the price, my 20" Philips which was nearly £150 more)

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