Whats important in a new pc?

  Maryp 16:52 25 Oct 2005

I'm loking for a cheap pc to replace mine which is now 4 years old, slow and full of problems. I use it to surf the net, print documents and a few photos, and my gaming is limited to solitaire. I was looking at the aries perfecta from savastore.com, starts at £176 plus £35 P&P plus I'll need Windows XP. I can use my monitor, mouse scanner ect, and can take the DVD writer out of my old Pc, same with the floppy drive, and possibly the fax modem, but thats only £5 so maybe not worth the hassle. And I've got a 40gb external HDD with all my music on it.
But is there anything else its worth upgrading? Like the graphics or sound card.
Or is there anywhere else I should look instead, I've looked at the cheap one on cube247, or mesh which do look better, but costs more. Is the extra worth paying now, thinking of possibly upgrading in the future, or should I stick with savastore?

  961 18:38 25 Oct 2005

in this forum regarding Savastore

Try Novatech. click here

  josie mayhem 00:42 26 Oct 2005

I ponder if you can reuse most of your bit and bobs, it might be worth thinking about building your own pc?

Prehaps invest in a new mobo, cpu and ram, and then up-grade the rest when you have a bit more money.

at this point might have to get a new psu to power a newr board but.

think about your d.i.y before you jump

  Diemmess 17:26 26 Oct 2005

DIY is a real contender if you start with a Barebones bundle like this.
click here

Have a good look with a view to keeping your options open so that you can add some old components for yourself.

Then comes the old dilemma. Do I commit myself to a forced rebuild, or do I treat myself to a ready made outfit, or even just another better monitor.

Whatever you decide, do start with a clean HD and fresh installation of favourite software, don't bring old corruptions anywhere near your new pride and joy.

  Maryp 20:29 26 Oct 2005

I'd love to build my own pc, but I think its a bit advanced for me just now. But the bare bones pc from novatech seems a great compromise. Can you just tell me though, if its got PC Case - Motherboard -Processor - Heatsink & Fan - Memory -
I'd also need a harddrive, a floppy, and a dvd/cd rom. And then the software. Am I missing anything important?

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