Whats happening with Jungle.com?

  WiLL-A 22:59 11 Mar 2003

I have noticed for the past couple of months that Jungle's website hasnt been updated and instead asks you to visit Argos if you wish to purchase PC items.

On the other hand, if you wish to buy CDs, DVDs, games, etc you are asked to visit the new jungle entertainment site.

I frequently purchased CDR media, Cd labels and other PC components from them but on visiting the Argos site I found a very weak selection of over priced alternatives.

On contacting the customer service department of Jungle I was told the following:

"Unfortunately we have suspended trading whilst we merge with our sister comapny, Argos, therefore at the present time we have no stock available to process any orders.

I can advise that by the beginning of April this merge should be complete and Argos should fully integrate the jungle.com brand into their services and our new website shall be launched.

We endeavour to advise customers of any changes that take place and apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Does this mean that we will be expected to purchase Argos' range of products as opposed to what was available before? I hope this is not the case and that we will not see another good site ruined. Any one able to shed some light on the subject?

  he he :-)™ 23:10 11 Mar 2003

Argos are probably fed up with losing profit from jungle.com and have shut them down or it might have somat to do with the Argos price fixing fine.

  Stuartli 23:41 11 Mar 2003

Argos is a leading high street and on-line oganisation - all its goods are by top name brands, very keenly priced and you should have no worries about dealing with it.

I'm sure that you will be pleased when the full integration is achieved.

  €dstow 08:19 12 Mar 2003

The Jungle name will soon be a memory only.

The original company was called Software Warehouse and at its conception was a new idea in selling computer peripherals. There were shops opening up all over the country - more shops than could sustain the business and SWW became defunct. A management buyout of the remains of SWW eventually came known as Jungle which became a mail order only company selling a huge range of computers and computer peripherals, both hard and software. At the same time, a number of other companies were setting up exactly the same system - their names often appear in these columns - and each was trying to undercut the other on prices. Again Jungle found this unsustainable and was bought out by Argos in an attempt to maintain the original service and sales range of Jungle.

A couple of years ago, Jungle introduced a new computer ordering system which was a complete disaster by the fact that it didn't work. Several months worth of sales were lost because of this complete and utter cock-up. After some time of being supported by Argos trying to regain the goodwill lost in this fiasco, Argos pulled the plug and we have the mess that we now see when we try to access their website.


  IZZY 12:52 12 Mar 2003

For what it's worth, I never did like the name 'Jungle' anyway and buying CDs called 'Monkey' was a real put-off but, on the other hand I think the recent TV ads for ARGOOS were brilliant.


  chrishillcoat 18:11 12 Mar 2003

If you're buying something from Argos... PLEASE get it delivered. I really object to carrying TVs upstairs. Or, if you *must* buy from a store, make sure it's not on a Saturday afternoon ;-)

  Newuser38 18:32 12 Mar 2003

I think I am correct in saying that Jungle.com is effectively part of Argos and that both are owned by GUS (Great Universal Stores).
Argos customer service is in my experience good.

  WiLL-A 18:41 12 Mar 2003

I find that Argos' prices are over the top compared to other online retailers plus their range seems to be limited, at least where the PC is concerned.

If this is the end of jungle can anyone recommend a few top sites to buy from.


  Stuartli 19:22 12 Mar 2003

Argos, as I said earlier, is one of the country's leading discount outlets, whether in its hundreds of stores or on-line.

It has built up an excellent reputation for top brand goods at some of the lowest prices in the country; it is not a computer specialist and its range of goods covers virtually everything you need for the home, car, DIY, hobbies etc.

It does sell coputer systems, components and peripherals but the range, whilst extensive, could never match a dedicated outlet.

It is quite good for digital cameras and camcorders at prices that are as good, if not better, than most.

  spuds 22:33 12 Mar 2003

Argos are also pushing extended warranties, with their sales !!.

  Muckle 23:01 12 Mar 2003

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