Whats happened to maplins?

  H-J 23:13 12 Jul 2003

I was reading this thread click here and I recall last month looking at one of maplins recent brochures where there were some nifty gps units very cheap. I decided to look them up before replying , but when I try maplins.co.uk or maplins.com all I end up with is some page advertising sword canes! (surely cant be legal in this country, concealed weapons and all that etc).

A search for maplins just lead back to the canes. Anybody know whats happened to the website?


  BigAl127 23:27 12 Jul 2003

Try omitting the "s" click here

  powerless 23:28 12 Jul 2003
  britto 23:31 12 Jul 2003

try click here
instead of click here

  britto 23:32 12 Jul 2003

have to learn to type with more than one finger

  March Hare 23:35 12 Jul 2003


  H-J 08:49 13 Jul 2003

Thanks guys-must have been having a 'senior moment' back there.


  Andybear 17:02 13 Jul 2003

H-J - if you live anywhere near Hertfordshire, there's a Maplin store in Stevenage.

  jazzypop 17:45 13 Jul 2003

If you want more info about Maplins, click here

  Stuartli 17:51 13 Jul 2003

Unfortunately this particular outlet is no longer in operation - more's the pity.

  H-J 22:21 13 Jul 2003

instead of spending (I've just realised!) nearly an hour browsing maplins online catalog. A lot of cool looking stuff, but not sure about the prices tho'. I like this, and if I saw it in front of me I would be sorely tempted i.e. impulse purchase. click here


BTW, I think my nearest store would be Manchester

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