What's a good Pay as you go mobile

  SB23 15:12 14 May 2006

My Sony Ericsson T610 has given up the ghost, and I'm in the market for a new mobile. I've been on the Tesco network, which I am told is O2, although not bad, I want to go back to the O2 network, as Tesco's don't have a phone that I like.
I may even try a different network, depending on their phones. Budget is open, at the mo.
Any suggestions ?

  Crash 16:15 14 May 2006

Try Nokia 6230i, Samsung D500/D600, sony Ericsson W800i/K750i. It depends on what you would like your phone to do/ what you would be using it for?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:39 14 May 2006

View topic - The complete Pay As You Go / PAY-G list click here for some options.

I've the nokia 6230i on Orange contract and it's a good phone. Does more than I want but has the basics - phone, text and bluetooth for hands free.

The above list has all the best prices for current PAYG deals and is worth a browse.

  gudda96 16:39 14 May 2006

I ask the same question as SB23, but a few more details if it helps.

I am looking for new mobile, and as always, I boringly take time asking lots of questions first.

Which airline is supposed to be best (o2 now).
Which manufacturer, same question.
Am thinking of Bluetooth for the safety and convenience,any comments.
I MAINLY text so want decent digits.
Where is best place to buy?
Is o2 own phones any good.
Anyone know owt about BT Fusion.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:53 14 May 2006

[quote]Which airline is supposed to be best[/quote]

British Airways in my experience! :-)

As for mobile operators, I find that Orange has very good coverage across the UK - it falls down a little when it comes to world coverage. I had to get an 02 card for parts of central america.

I like Nokia's - they are good solid phones in my experience.

Bluetooth is helpful but to be honest I prefer not to have a phone conversation while driving. Oh, and it can make you appear pretty daft at times with it stuck in your ear!

Best to buy: look at the following link for some good deals that offer cashback meaning the phones are often free: click here

I've an 02 xda exec that I got from a friend and it's an excellent PDA. Don't use it as a phone though.

Don't know much about BTFusion.

  Crash 16:54 14 May 2006

Which airline is supposed to be best (o2 now)
I would say Vodafone but everyone has their own preference
Which manufacturer, same question. Again everyone has their own preference. Iwould stick to Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson
Am thinking of Bluetooth for the safety and convenience,any comments.
No good for connectivity
I MAINLY text so want decent digits.
Where is best place to buy? Own brand shops e.g. O2, Vodafone, carphone warehouse, Phones4u somewhere like that
Is o2 own phones any good. They are made by various manufacturers e.g. Grundig, Maxon, BenQ
Anyone know owt about BT Fusion. click here=

  SB23 16:55 14 May 2006

I used to be with O2, so would like to go back to them.
As for features, bluetooth I have used with my present phone, and would like to keep, but as for the others, mp3 etc, I'm not really bothered. Just a good, easy phone to use.

  Crash 17:05 14 May 2006

Well you can get much easier to use than the Nokia 6230i. The Sony Ericsson k750i would also be a good choice as I think the basic workings of it are the same as your old T610

  SB23 17:05 14 May 2006

Just had a look at your link. Lots to choose from. The Nokia 6230i is a nice phone. Worth a thought.
As for coverage, this is the reason that I would go back to O2. Living in S.Wales again, I know that O2 coverage is brilliant. Always was, and still is.
Thanks so far.


  SB23 17:08 14 May 2006

I agree that some Nokia's are abit difficult to get your head round, some of my old ones were.
Nothing against Sony Ericsson, but I wouldn't have another, as my T610 is just over 12 months old, and past repairing. It's cheaper for me to buy new.

  Crash 17:19 14 May 2006

Sorry meant to say you can't get much easier to use than the Nokia 6230i. 3 of my relatives use then and they aren't the most tech savvy

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