What's the best PC for me?

  Comy162 22:53 13 Jan 2012

Hey guys my name is andrew

I have been looking into getting a desktop for some time but I am scared to buy anything cause I'm never sure if I am getting the computer that I want and/or if it's the right price. So I am basically asking anyone if they can advise me on what to get or do. The computer I want must be able to do: - video rendering - decent games - store lots of videos - host small servers

I am currently using a laptop at the moment. It's a hp pavilion dv6 with an i5 at like 2.4 ghz, 500 gb hd, 8gb ram, and some ati graphics card with supposably 512 mb cache but seems to act like a intell built in graphics card.

I don't mind going for like custom pcs or a manufacture pc and I am willing to spend around the 8-900 mark because I want to sorta future proof it. I am also concerned that Witt he release of windows 8 soon ish and most proberly a new intell chip set that I am going to be buying at the wrong time.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thanks allot Andrew

  rdave13 23:15 13 Jan 2012

Future proof a Desktop is impossible in my opinion and even worse for a laptop. At least you can upgrade a desktop from mobo,CPU and upwards. You don't state the value you wish to spend, numbers mean nothing unless you state what currency is involved, but go for a Core i7 Intel. 8 Gig ram and the best graphics card you can afford.

  ICF 08:28 14 Jan 2012

Comy162 said *I am willing to spend around the 8-900 *

What hardware to look for in a PC

Just £99 over your budget

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