What's the best modem/router for up to 8Mbps ?

  TOPCAT® 20:57 17 Mar 2007

I'm currently operating Win XP and use a SpeedTouch 330 USB modem for broadband. I have read that this modem is not really good enough for an 'up to 8Mbps' connection, so can anyone please recommend an upgrade. Is it better to go for another modem right now or to install a ADSL2 router - thereby keeping up with the newer technology - and if I go the router way then what else would I need to achieve this, please?

Having recently upgraded to a 8Mbps service I am finding wild variations in speeds at all times of the day and night. Pipex today told me, after testing out my setup for seven hours overnight, that my connection is suffering 'drop-outs' and I wondered if this modem was now unsuitable for purpose.

I am using ZoneAlarm Pro and AVG Pro software utilities and I thank you for your kind help on this. TC.

  Dipso 22:50 17 Mar 2007

I definitely wouldn't get another USB modem as you are likely to see the same problems...if indeed that is what is causing your drop-outs. The 330 isn't the best hardware for up to 8 Meg but problems tend to be limited download speed, not dropped connections. Have you optimized your phone wiring as per the guide click here

I would still advise you upgrade to a router anyway. All you would need apart from the modem/router would be to fit a network or ethernet card in your PC if it doesn't already have one unless you want to go wireless, then you would need a wireless PCI card or a USB dongle.

A lot of people recommend the Netgear DG834G wireless modem/router (you may not need wireless but it's only a few pounds more than the wired version) as it's very easy to set up. Having had one and since replaced it I would recommend the Speedtouch 585v6 for wireless or the 546 for wired.

  ajm 22:55 17 Mar 2007

I second Dipso's recomendation of the Netgear DG834G. A few of my colleagues also speak highly of Draytek routers

  Stuartli 23:44 17 Mar 2007

Have you downloaded the 8MB driver for the Speedtouch 330?

click here

  TOPCAT® 00:32 18 Mar 2007

Yes, I am using those drivers, Stuartli, and I have made sure my wiring and filters are all OK, Dipso. Thanks for that link, by the way. I will study the pages tomorrow.

Pipex have placed a ticket with BT to have the exchange connection checked over and they will call on me at home if everything is fine at their end.

Dipso confirms my suspicions about my SpeedTouch 330 so I think I will definitely move on to a router/modem. Do you think I need to get a ADSL2 version or am I jumping the gun on that standard at this time?

Will come back here and report progress and will probably be asking for installation help sometime next week! TC.

  terryf 02:40 18 Mar 2007

I use a netgear dg834 (wired) router for 'up to 8mb'and it has always worked 'straight out of the box', has a built in firewall.

  Stuartli 11:07 18 Mar 2007

If you don't need a wireless modem/router, then the e-Buyer own brand Guru model I use (rebadged Safecom) can handle up to ADSLMax+2, is rock stable despite having been on permanently since last October and is now down to £15 from the £23 I paid, could be just the ticket.


click here

Incidentally the wireless version is £55:

click here

and appears to be exactly the same basic model, but branded as a NetGear....

  Stuartli 11:09 18 Mar 2007

...Netgear DG834G....:

click here

  Forum Editor 11:30 18 Mar 2007

click here

and so far I'm very impressed with it.

  TOPCAT® 13:32 18 Mar 2007

The Belkin N1 looks great, Peter, and I see it incorporates the latest 802.11n draft which naturally enough is reflected in its price. I have, however, found this reviewer click here who made adverse comments on some of its functions. It is from September last year so I wondered if the Belkin had been updated since then?

At the moment I'm leaning towards the Netgear DG834G and I see that has a built in firewall. Once installed, does this mean my ZA Pro will be redundant or can they operate together without conflict?

Please excuse my caution here as I'm moving into unknown territory now! TC.

  n4165si 14:00 18 Mar 2007

thank you for the link on the st330 up to 8mbps new driver

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