What's the best ADSL Modem?

  Europa 23:39 09 Aug 2005

I intend to upgrade to broadband when I get my new computer. In your opinion, which is the best ADSL modem to buy for under £100?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:21 10 Aug 2005

PCPro have done a labs report on wireless routers / modems.

click here
You may need to register though...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:23 10 Aug 2005

ANY ADSL modem will do as they all have similar electronics. You should have no need to pay more than £40. click here the Ebuyer one at £12.75 is particularly good...I have bought 3 of them.


  HondaMan 10:27 10 Aug 2005

Your ISP might even give you one for free. AOL do.

  spuds 11:12 10 Aug 2005

Most ISP's offer a free modem and connection nowadays. I use Tiscali and they originally supplied a SpeedTouch 330 which they later changed for a Sagem model, all free of charge.

  Europa 12:31 10 Aug 2005

Thank you for your input.
I know that my Isp is providing the modem, but if they deliver when I'm at work and leave the package behing my door, my neighbour might steal it, he has done it before, usually I choose friday afternoons or saturdays delivery, I guess it will be impossible with my Isp.
Has anyone got the Netgear DG632? How is this one performing?

  scotty 12:45 10 Aug 2005

Totally agree with Gandalf, a cheap one from ebuyer will be fine. Suggest you get one which can connect to more than one computer such as the Safecom SAMR4114 (ebuyer QuickFind Code: 48449). Remember to buy filters for each of your telephone points. Again, ebuyer QuickFind: 39530 will be fine.

  Jackcoms 14:48 10 Aug 2005

HondaMan says:

"Your ISP might even give you one for free. AOL do"

So do Tiscali.

You should really be shopping around for a decent ISP, NOT the modem. :-)

  Mcfearty 19:11 12 Aug 2005

I've just signed up with a new ISP, e7even.com and they are giving you a modem for the cost of sending it to you which is about £8.

I didn't bother as I have a PCI in use, and an old Alcatel 330 frog sitting on top of the PC doing nothing.

Pipex give you a free modem too.

  Ancient Learner 20:29 12 Aug 2005

On the other hand, a Router/Firewall gives you a very safe hardware defence against all the nasties out there. I have the Netgear DG834.

  Europa 21:54 12 Aug 2005

Thank you all for your input.
Actually I have a new system being delivered on the 20th and, Ancient Learner, I have ordered the Netgear DG834 just today, what a coincidence. Can you tell me if the firewall is good enough or do I need to download another, maybe better firewall?
I am dreading a bit the setting up, as I will have a 56k PCI modem, an ADSL modem, and two phones on the same socket, I hope the information coming with the adsl modem can explain all the different settings.

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